Where did I go wrong? 

I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness…

Hey! I was wondering if you had any thoughts about how the Cullen's human families reacted to their disappearances? Did the Hale's feel guilty about pushing Rosalie into a relationship (and their reactions to the subsequent murders)? What did the McCarty's make of the huge amount of cash appearing on their doorstep? Did Carlisle's dad freak out over the fact that his only son was probably turned into a monster? Did the Whitlock's think Jasper deserted or was ambushed? Were Alice and (1)

(2) Esme’s families even notified? I’m super curious to hear what you think!

Carlisle - I think his father HAD to have guessed what happened.  His son had gone out on a vampire hunt, at least two other men who had been with him were found dead, but his son’s body was never found. I’m sure he had to guess and I’m sure it haunted him until the day he died. To him it would have been a fate far worse than death.  Pastor Cullen’s views about vampires would have made Edward’s ideas about vampires/souls/the afterlife sound downright cheerful.

Jasper - He says in Eclipse: “We reached [Houston] after dark. I stayed only long enough to make sure the entire party was safely situated. As soon as that was done, I got myself a fresh horse, and I headed back to Galveston. There wasn’t time to rest. Just a mile outside the city, I found three women on foot.” These were Maria, Nettie and Lucy, of course.  So he disappeared between Houston and Galveston with no one else around, no trace of an ambush or skirmish, it must have looked like he deserted.  I like to think his family refused to believe that, though.  I mean this was their son who lied about his age to enlist early and rose quickly through the ranks, he wasn’t a coward who would desert. 

Esme - I like to think Carlisle contacted her family in his capacity as a doctor and told them about the baby and Esme’s ‘death’ (he wouldn’t have told them about the suicide, IMO, but probably said she died in childbirth or from the same infection that killed her baby). Presumably Carlisle had met them before, when he treated teenage Esme’s broke leg, so they wouldn’t have been strangers to him, he’d remember them and probably want to give them closure.

Alice - I doubt the asylum told her father and step-mother anything. The date of her admittance and the date of death on her tombstone were the same.  They were done with her and ‘buried’ her already.

Rosalie - I think she would have become pretty famous, honestly. People are fascinated by stories of pretty murdered girls (or pretty girls who disappear). The grisly deaths of the rich young men would have just added to the mystery. I don’t know if her family would have realized Royce was behind it, looking at it from their POV the only thing all the victims had in common was Royce—Royce’s fiancée, Royce’s friends, and then Royce himself.  It probably looked like someone was trying to hurt the Kings rather than the Hales. I like to think that maybe Vera figured out that something weird was going on—she was Rosalie’s best friend and maybe her knew her well enough to have picked up on the fact that Royce was a creep even if Rose couldn’t see it.

Emmett - Who knows what they must have thought about the money.  There’s no good explanation for that. By the grace of God? Answer to their prayers? I don’t know how they could connect it to Emmett’s disappearance though—I mean he vanished in the woods while hunting, that doesn’t really lead to piles of money.  Plus it doesn’t sound like Rosalie had time to stop and bury the bear’s carcass since she had to rush Emmett 100 miles to Carlisle. I’m sure his brothers went out looking for him and found the bear and all that blood and probably figured Emmett died. I like to think they have handed down stories to their grandkids about Emmett though and make him out to be a hero, each generation the story about how big the bear was and how much damage Emmett did to it before he died was embellished. “IT WAS 15 FEET TALL!”

I found Alice disappointing as a character. She was supposed to be Bella's greatest friend with the Cullens, but turns out to be simply Edward's 2nd in command, much like Leah is to Jacob. Her demeanor may be friendlier, but it's just as impersonal. She represents Edward in his absence, making sure Bella gets adequate rest, food, and expensive clothes, even though Bella hates ostentatiousness, or being coddled or infantilized or restricted in any way. Like the best friend you never wanted.

A sort of benevolent jailer/lady in waiting you can’t shake off but must be grateful to, an overbearing mother who is also your pedicure, authoritarian and subservient. Never an equal who’s on YOUR side. There’s nothing about this that feels like real friendship to me. That afternoon with Angela, where they talk about how Edward may just be jealous of Jacob, felt 10 X more like the kind of conversation true friends might have in real life. And it kind of makes me feel sorry for Bella that she never realized how much poorer her life was for not having some REAL, HUMAN friends in it.

I don’t have much to add other than that you expressed a lot of my own frustrations with how the Alice/Bella friendship was portrayed. I’m sure SM really meant them to be buddies and believed Alice had the best of intentions, but it never did feel like equals to me (and this goes beyond the human/vampire stuff—I do recognize there were supernatural elements at play here that make this different than a human/human friendship). I understand SM was sort of playing the whole “Edward bribes Alice with a car to keep Bella hostage” for laughs with an undertone of ‘anything to keep her safe/werewolves are dangerous’ but it certainly didn’t seem all that best friend-y. lol.


twilight au where bella never moves to forks and edward gets tired of being moody and decides to find purpose in his own life so when he hears people’s thoughts and they’re sad he makes friends with them and helps them feel better

"I love this human nutjob more than anything in the world." xD If you could write a prequel to Twilight involving the character of your choosing (aside from Carlisle xD) who would you pick, why, and what would be included in the story?

It would definitely be Aro and it would mostly chronicle the Volturi’s rise to power.  It would be a sort of Game of Thrones-like or House of Cards-like political intrigue story about how he outmaneuvered and destroyed the Egyptian and Romanian covens and got the vampire world under his thumb. He didn’t have Jane and Alec back then so there had to be a whole lot more subtle strategy involved and less overt reliance on “well Alec can just paralyze them all and/or Jane can torture someone into submission.” 

He’s such an entertaining bastard—he could have killed Amun centuries ago but he enjoys toying with him too much and even actively poaches talented vampires from him (Amun is Demetri’s creator, after all). He lets the two surviving Romanians live because he doesn’t consider them a threat but he keeps them constantly on the run by sending the guard after them once in a while. I think a story about his rise to power and all the awful things he did to get there (he killed his sister!) would be pretty awesome and a much darker look at Twilight-style vampirism than Bella’s perfect piece of forever.  And he’d do all these horrible things with a smile on his face and laughter in his heart.

How Will the Cullens Explain Renesmee in the Future?

How do you see Renesmee fitting into the Cullens’ cover stories when she is grown up and appears to be the same age as the other Cullens? We’re used to them using a “adopted/foster kids” scenario, but even if they use a different story (Carlisle/Esme as older siblings or uncle/aunt  to the ‘kids’ rather than parents) Renesmee’s physical resemblance to both Edward and Bella is going to complicate things.

What story do you think they will use for her?

A) Bella’s biological sister
B) Edward’s biological sister
C) Bella, Edward and Renesmee are all biological siblings (E/B can’t be a couple in public)
D) Renesmee and Jacob will do their own thing separate from the rest of the Cullens
E) Other? Explain. 

Do you think after Breaking Dawn, Jacob would be forced to join the Cullens to be with Nessie, once the Cullens have to move Forks (because of people noticing them not ageing)? Jacob knew they would have to leave soon, I think that's why he phases in front of Charlie. The idea of him travelling with the Cullens seem strange, as he can hardly fit into the 'family' they pose as (he looks so different), but he's imprinted on Nessie and would want to be with her, wouldn't he?

I would assume so? There really is no way they can be apart, doesn’t Bella say something in BD about how she doesn’t know if the other imprinted couples had ever gone a day without seeing one another, or if they even could? It seems like Jacob would have no choice but to go where Nessie goes. The other option is that Nessie stays with him, but I don’t know if that’s even possible.  Most of the Quileutes don’t know about the wolves (they just think they are myths, like Jacob used to) so they couldn’t really stay in La Push, neither of them ever aging, right? I mean some of the guys’ parents don’t even know their sons are wolves.

I’m really not at all interested in Renesmee as a character or her romance with Jacob and I don’t particularly care what happens to her in the future, but I am curious about how SM sees this working out in the end, how Jacob and Renesmee are going to fit into the Cullens’ cover stories, or if they will go off on their own eventually. Likewise how Bella is supposed to fit. Alice/Jasper and Rosalie/Emmett don’t typically pose as married couples publicly (although R/Em do sometimes when they go off on their own), so she’s not going to be able to call herself Bella Cullen and wear her wedding and engagement rings if she’s pretending to be one of Esme and Carlisle’s adopted/foster kids (and thus Edward’s ‘foster sister’) in the future. And how does Nessie factor in when she looks like both Edward and Bella and is the same age as them? Are E/B going to have to pretend they are the biological brother and sister of their own kid and thus never get to be a couple in public?

The Twilight Saga Alphabet           A | ↳ Alice Cullen, Angela Weber, Aro & Alec

The Twilight Saga Alphabet
           A | ↳ Alice Cullen, Angela Weber, Aro & Alec

The hair thing is just one of the changes they did for the movieverse (and all book adaptations change things). It doesn't bother me. I kind of like the idea that vampires are unchangeable so they make a point of change their hairstyle as a way to have some measure of passage of time in lieu of wrinkles and gray hairs it also helps their cover too. In movieverse Edward and the Cullens get weaker when unfed, and Alice can see wolves and hybrids. They make for a better visual experience, IMO

The hair doesn’t bother me as much as it does some people.  The drastic change in Esme’s hair color over the course of the movies bothers me a little (why change it? Caramel does not mean dark brown!) but changing the styles doesn’t.  I really don’t see any reason that they couldn’t style their hair in different ways as long as they realize if they cut it, it won’t grow back. 

For that reason Alice’s changing hairstyles are fine with me—they keep getting shorter.  Jasper’s hair getting longer in Eclipse is admittedly a little jarring though. lol. 

(It’s true in the books that they get weaker when unfed, too.  re: the vampire who turned Carlisle “He must have been ancient, and weak with hunger,” and newborn Carlisle himself “So he grew very hungry, and eventually weak. He strayed as far as he could from the human populace, recognizing that his willpower was weakening, too.”  The wolves/hybrids thing is totally just movieverse, although really only BD2verse lol)