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About post/95377224871/how-do-you-think-that-edward-would-have-reacted-if , maybe Edward is demisexual? That means he does not feel sexual attraction for someone unless he has a strong emotional attachment to them and I feel like that fits with his character and relationship with Bella?

Could very well be.  I don’t think SM was thinking in terms of sexual identity, I think she was just thinking “he’s never loved anyone before because he’s destined for Bella!!” but as a more real world explanation, that’s a good suggestion. 

Hey there! I think you should write a one shot about what you mentioned at the end of your last ask/answer thing. I think it would be cool to see that scenario of Bella going back and seeing Charlie and Sue and whatnot. Just saying c: bye!

That’s a good idea—I’ll put that on my list of things to write! 


Did you see @peterfacinelli’s #tbt moment? I think Carlisle had a ‘moment’ with Esme.


Did you see @peterfacinelli’s #tbt moment? I think Carlisle had a ‘moment’ with Esme.

I like to think Jasper still has his uniform, but that would be nearly impossible, given his time with Maria. I think all of the Cullens somehow found at least one picture of them as a human (Alice obviously after their encounter with James), which they still keep somewhere.
How do you think that edward would have reacted if bella already have had a boyfriend(whom she broke up with) and wasn't a virgin anymore? I mean they are the only couple that that are pure first love and i wish edward wasn't bella's first boyfriend

I think Edward might be a bit jealous but it wouldn’t change his pre-destined love for Bella.  But I think SM might think it lessens it a little. IDK, that’s just the impression I get from the other stories, I mean otherwise why be so insistent that this is a first love for both E and B? 

Esme had been married before and had a child. 
Rosalie was engaged and Emmett had “too much fun” in his human life.
Jasper/Maria is implied (especially in the movie) to have been romantic or at least sexual. 

But E/B are lily-white, with no prior romantic attachments or even interests at all. To address something from another ask, I’m fine with Edward being a virgin. I can accept that he’s never had a relationship—his only viable options were the Denali sisters and they were too … sexually adventurous for his Edwardian tastes.  But what I find hard to accept is that he’s never had ~feelings or a crush or something. Like you are telling me this eternal 17-year-old hasn’t ever even had a thing for like, a silent movie actress? No posters of 1940s pin-up models hidden in his closet?  No Playboys under the bed?  Nothing in 80 years? Really? Even Bella admitted to kind of having a thing for Romeo.

I mean I can accept that Carlisle was celibate for 300 years (again—lack of options—can’t risk a human woman, can’t morally justify being with a people eater, didn’t meet the Denali until later), but I’m sure he occasionally admired certain women, and was tempted, but he didn’t act on those feelings because of moral/religious reasons. Likewise I just find it hard to believe that Edward never had feelings at all.  Like, if he were asexual or aromantic, okay, but he’s not presented that way.  I guess he’s just Bellasexual? 


 It would always be that way for them

How do you feel about Bella and Edward's relationship?

Short answer: Not my cup of tea but I understand why it appeals to people, and had I read it when I was younger it would have probably appealed to me too. 

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I think rosalie might keep some pearls from when she was human.
I feel like Jasper still has his old uniform somewhere.