Alice definitely donates old clothes to charity. Sometimes she gives it to homeless people on the street and it would look suspicious if she donated all this designer stuff to the same charity all the time so she rotates it to loads of different causes. I like the idea that she supports youth homelessness too!
I was eating chips and choked when I saw the most recent text posts thing with Carlisle haha. I personally loved all the ones with Aro most. What are some of your favorites? By the way, if you're not tired of these yet but just don't want to flood your followers' dashboards, what do you think about making this a once in a while "feature" of the blog, like Keeping Up With The Cullens?

I think the “special place in hell: the throne” Aro one is one of my favorites. The “here to ruin everything” with Renesmee (even if you do like her as a character, you have to admit her existence nearly got everyone killed). Alice’s “dress to depress.”  Alistair & Carlisle and “I may be a shitty friend but I’m *your* shitty friend” also cracks me up. 

OH! and Edward & Carlisle “women aren’t complicated you’re just dumb” from the first batch.

I’ll never say never to doing more, but I am going to give it a break to let the meme die down a bit. If I eventually have enough text posts that I think will work I might do another one, but not for awhile I don’t think. 

Carlisle totally wants health care reform. I know a lot of doctors, and they all love to rant about health care reform and about how the way the law is right now makes it so they can't spend as much time as necessary with a patient and doctors can make millions of dollars without ever laying hands on patients and how the health care system is a giant gordian knot, etc. etc. I'd also imagine he's very against youth suicide and vocal about how depression/self-hatred is a disease.
Emmett would probably support a "save endangered bears" campaign. He's gotta have his food. (;
I think Rose would be a big supporter of Senhoa and similar organizations that work against human trafficking. The added bonus being that she could buy all the jewellery.

(+) And I honestly think Esme would care more about research into cot death and infant diseases than domestic abuse

okay, last one. i promise.  the major characters minus the big three. 

I like to think that Alice would care about LGBT youth homelessness, since her family essentially imprisoned her and disowned her for something she was born with and had no control over it's something she could care about (but it would be difficult to emotional relate since she cant remember much from then but she would want them to have brighter futures and to keep moving forward)
Pet causes?

What do you think the Twilight characters’ favorite causes or charities would be? Are Rose and Esme big supporters of domestic violence shelters? Carlisle wants health care reform? The Pack big on wolf conservation? Is environmentalism important to immortals?

What, if anything, do you think they do to support these causes?


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