Some say the world will end in fire,
some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire, 
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate, 
to say that for destruction ice is also great.
And would suffice.

Saw your post about Carlisle tying to convince the others to go to Africa to help, I don't know I don't think any of the Cullen's are opposed to helping, just about blowing their cover. I've always figured that the Cullens do a lot of charity work anyway, because it helps them to establish themselves in a new city. They're odd and they know it so the charity work helps people to overlook it. It's like yeah they're a little weird but did you see what they did last weekend at the community center?

Oh yes, that’s what I meant: that they would think it would be too noticeable/would blow their cover.  It’s kind of a big news story and the weather might not be conducive to a vampire going unnoticed. It’s different than, say, when Carlisle worked in Chicago during the 1918 Flu. He was just one of many doctors all around the world dealing with it.  But if he did something with Doctors Without Borders re: this Ebola outbreak, he’d leave a paper trail, and even just getting there without drawing attention to himself (sparkling aside, a very pale, very blond, very young doctor is going to draw attention going on what many would perceive as a suicide mission—they don’t know he’s not human and can’t catch it—would draw attention) would be a risk I’m not sure the rest of the family would think he should take.

I think when Carlisle was on his own he was much more inclined to go where he thought he was needed.  If he got found out and destroyed, oh well. It’s more complicated now that he has a family/coven that would go down in flames with him if he were to be exposed.

I like to think they do charity work, too, but alas there’s no real evidence of it in the books or the guide. The most we get is Alice donating their used (only worn once…  :/ ) clothes to Goodwill (or actually, isn’t Edward’s wording that they have piles of brand new clothes destined for Goodwill? Meaning they haven’t actually donated them yet?).  I think it would be in character for them to do charity work, or at least have Esme and Carlisle encourage it, but sadly we don’t actually have much to base it on in canon.

What u think about Cullen's appearance? (Sorry if this has been asked.)

In terms of the movie?

In order of how much they looked like how I imagined them:
Alice & Emmett (tied for first)

That is not to say that I don’t think Nikki and Jackson did a great job, and I “see” them in my head as Jasper and Rosalie now, but they didn’t resemble the characters I saw in my head when I read the books (I did read them before the movies came out).

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why does everyone hate twilight so much when there are gems like this throughout the whole thing

Edward’s expressions and Carlisle’s “I think that went well” give me life.

I think all the Cullen's and most of the vampires hate would hate rap music and anything close to that like twerking?

I think Emmett might be the only one who would give rap much of a chance, even if mostly just to bug Edward with it.

And twerking. .. yeah I don’t see that being popular with them.  There’s probably a sort of culture curve.  I mean everything seems ~scandalous when it first comes out and then eventually people get used to it.  To us, the waltz seems very wholesome and old fashioned.  But at first, people thought it was scandalous for couples to hold each other so close, gasp! It started with the lower classes before getting popular with the upper classes. Carlisle’s old enough to have witnessed that. It might take vampires a little longer to start accepting things; whether they’ll ever come around to twerking though IDK,

Rosalie looks gorgeous here.

Every time I read another article about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, I keep imagining Carlisle trying to figure out a way he can get there to help without blowing his cover.  Especially now that volunteer aid workers and doctors are getting sick.  It’s so dangerous for the human doctors and nurses and other aid workers, but there is no risk at all for him. He’s probably trying to rope Rosalie and Edward into going with him and then the more practical/less idealistic members of the family are trying to talk him out of it.  “We could do so much good!”

I highly doubt that the Volturi just sit on their thrones. I'm sure they do things like read ancient literature and such.

It’s the petrification thing that throws me. 

"Some very old vampires are visibly different from others because of this stillness. If a vampire remains unmoving often enough over thousands of years, dust actually begins to petrify in response to the venom-like liquids that lubricate his eyes and skin. Eventually, a vampire’s skin begins to appear thin and translucent, like the skin of an onion—though the strength of the skin is not compromised. A milky film covers the eyes, making the irises appear pink in color. Again, the vampire’s eyesight is not compromised."

"We sat still for a very long time. Contemplating our own divinity. It was a sign of our power that everything came to us. Prey, diplomats, those seeking our favor. We sat on our thrones and thought ourselves gods. We didn’t notice for a long time that we were changing – almost petrifying. I suppose the Volturi did us one favor when they burned our castles. Stefan and I, at least, did not continue to petrify. Now the Volturi’s eyes are filmed with dusty scum, but ours are bright. I imagine that will give us an advantage when we gouge theirs from their sockets.”

Stephenie: For me it’s not like aging but it’s more like petrification, they never go anywhere, they’re not very active. In my mind it was like year and years of dust settling on their skin. Tanya and her sister the Denali family are over a thousand years old but they look like Carlisle as they’re still very active.

The Amazons and Egyptians (Amun & Kebi) are as old as the Volturi or Romanians or older but they don’t have the onion skin or milky eyes (the Romanians don’t have the milky eyes either). So the Volturi must have been really still for a really long time.  That still doesn’t make much sense to me though. I mean even if Heidi is bringing them food, they still have to stand up and kill the human themselves, right?  That’s moving. And if vampire love is so intense and the sexual drive is as strong as most in fandom believe, then how on earth were the Volturi and their wives just standing/sitting still for years and years at a time—sex requires quite a bit of movement!

I’d love to hear SM explain the petrification stuff more. I’ve read it in the guide and in her FAQ and I still don’t get it. I don’t get how creatures who are blessed with these brilliant minds and enhanced senses would CHOSE to just … sit still for centuries upon centuries. Wouldn’t they want to indulge those senses?  Wouldn’t they want to think and wonder and read and explore and make use of those extraordinary minds?

Who do you think Jasper is the closet to out of his 'siblings' and I'm curious on what you think if Jasper is close to Bella? Or does he simply avoid her - even though she's now a vampire.

I think he’s closest to Emmett and Rosalie.  I don’t think he was ever close to Bella although he finds vampire!Bella more pleasant to be around because her emotions are so happy (and he doesn’t want to eat her anymore). 

If Jasper enjoys Alice’s emotional climate, then he’s going to enjoy Emmett’s too.  It says in the book that Emmett is Edward’s favorite brother and they are close, but IDK when I read them it seemed like Emmett was closest to Jasper. It was always “Emmett and Jasper were wrestling” “Emmett and Jasper have a bet,” “Emmett and Jasper, Emmett and Jasper.”  I think Emmett brings out Jasper’s fun-loving 19/20-year-old side. I think Jasper is more likely to agree to some of Emmett’s schemes than Edward is. 

And then I think he’s close to Rosalie because I don’t think she’d agree to let him use her last name and pose as her twin in public if she didn’t like/respect him.  I think they both have similar mindsets and are sort of the more practical and ‘ruthless’ Cullens.  That is they aren’t mean—they don’t want to kill anyone—but they’ll do the dirty work if they think it’s necessary to protect the family and their way of life.  It was Rosalie and Jasper who wanted to kill Bella in Twilight/Midnight Sun because she saw too much when Edward saved her from the van. It wasn’t personal, they just don’t have Carlisle’s lofty adherence to some moral code (Caius has some great line in BD “So many pointless rules, so many unnecessary laws you create for yourself, Carlisle”) and are willing to “make compromises” that he’s not. 

Bella… eh.  I really don’t think most of the Cullens are close to her yet. She only really spends time with Edward and Alice alone; with the others, it’s always as part of a group, usually talking about how best to protect her. They’ve accepted her as Edward’s chosen mate/companion but since she doesn’t even learn Jasper’s history until Eclipse (which takes place a good year/year and a half after she first met Jasper & the Cullens), I don’t think they are that close. There’s a difference between “We welcome and accept you as part of the family because you are with Edward” and “Bella we love and accept you for who YOU are and we spend time with YOU independent of Edward.” I mean look: the Cullens have bonded over the course of 90-50 years. They’ve known Bella for a year and a half.  I’m sure they will get to that point someday, but honestly with all the drama with James/Victoria/newborns/Volturi/wolves they just haven’t had time to really bond. But now they’re all stuck together for eternity so they’ll get there. lol