In NM, Laurent sees the wolves and says "I can't believe it!". And I really don't get his reaction. According to the guide he has about 300 years, and by this time the Children Of The Moon were nearly extinct. How can he be so surprised by the pack when he didn't know about the truly werewolves. (He didn't spent that much time in Alaska so the topic probaly didn't came out)

Isn’t it mentioned that James hunted a “real” werewolf (Child of the Moon) across Siberia?  I think there’s a bit in Eclipse when Edward is talking to Victoria and she sees Seth and Edward’s like, “really can’t you tell he’s nothing like the monster James tracked?”  So Laurent might have heard of CoM style werewolves from James/Victoria (maybe?).

What I don’t get is how there can be ANY confusion between the two? It’s clear in the guide that the CoMs only turn during a full moon and basically are loners, or run with only a mate and they look like wolf-men, with an ape-like posture, per the guide: “In their changed form, they do not entirely resemble actual wolves: Their forelegs are more powerful than their hind legs, and they still have usable hands with opposable thumbs. In addition, their stance is more upright, making their movement somewhat ape-like, rather than entirely canine.” 

How could you confuse the two? How could Caius think these are the same creatures, or Victoria, or Laurent, or anyone? I could see CoM being confused for like, Bigfoot or something, but they don’t sound anything like a giant wolf.  Caius says something like “you breed mutants here” but an ape-like wolfman doesn’t look anything like a horse-sized wolf.

I wish we had actually gotten to meet some  CoM in the series, it was strange they were only brought up at the last minute to justify the Cullens’ alliance with the Quileutes.  But like… why would it matter they aren’t ‘technically’ werewolves? They are still a rival species capable of killing vampires, wouldn’t the Volturi see that as a threat even if they weren’t CoM werewolves?


twilight saga memeOne Relationship:

'With his dark curls and the dimples that you could even see in his with pain distorted face .. this innocent expression which did not fit with an adult man ..'



a little birdy really likes carlisle/esme

…and i just really wanna see her smile.

Do you think that some twilight fanfictions are better than Meyer's original Saga will ever be? Simple said, that some authors have seen the potential in the story and turned it into something much better than Twilight? Doesn't matter what pairing or if all-human or not.

This sort of thing is highly subjective, of course.  There are tons of people who love the story as is, who really relate to Bella and find her and Edward’s romance to be the most beautiful love story, and who love the happy ending of BD. 

And you know what?  That’s awesome.  I’m glad there are people who love it for exactly what it is. 

For me, though, yeah I’ve read fanfics that did it “better” or at least, more in line with what I wanted/expected for the series. “Cygnus Rising” is a good example of one that was much more in line with what I wanted. I don’t think vampirism as an idea lends itself to a fairy tale happily ever after. 

I came at this story as more of a vampire fan than a romance fan, so I couldn’t quite shake some of my preconceived ideas about vampires. For example, there are people who love Renesmee and find her adorable and a perfect addition to the story. That’s great. For me, though, I’ve read and watched too many stories about vampire children, and I can’t shake that. Whenever Nessie bites Jacob, or drinks human blood from a bottle, or competes with Jacob over who can kill the bigger elk, I’m not like “aww what a cute half-vampire!” I’m like “omg that’s something out of a horror movie!” and am turned off. Children drinking blood is horror to me, not happily ever after. 

And maybe it’s not even an issue of better or worse, but rather that people saw potential in something different.  SM’s vision was always of E/B’s love and a happy ending.  But others of us saw more potential in different characters and stories.  I mean if I were to write a full length fic, it would be a back story fic about either Carlisle’s journey or a story about Aro’s maniacal rise to power. THOSE stories interest me much more than Bella and Edward’s romance, personally. 

It could have been anyone of the Cullens past that started everything with the Volturi in BD2. Maria, Victoria, or anyone with a scorn for them. It would have been so easy to link the appearance of the Volturi to Victoria since everything in the book revolves around James coven. But to pick Irina for gods sake, I will never understand. Irina is family, why SM don't think Victoria would have been a better choice after all, is beyond me. In 3 movies we see her trying to kill Bella.

Yeah I just feel like Irina was the wrong choice, especially when SM originally planned Irina (and Laurent) finding love and supporting the Cullens and being happy. Turning her into a villain makes me so sad. SM was SO determined to get her original ending for E/B/J but poor Irina didn’t get the same treatment. Not to mention that it means the DENALI coven suffers for Bella’s choices but the Cullens don’t. Bella gets her husband and father and best friend and a baby and everything she could ever dream of, but the Denali lose their beloved sister who made an honest mistake and thought she was doing the right thing by reporting a crime. Tanya and Kate already lost their mother and are still mourning her centuries later; now they lost their little sister too. The Cullens lost a cousin they have known longer than they have known Bella, Alice or Jasper. But Bella lost nothing; she didn’t know Irina at all. 

Victoria or Maria doing it would have worked better, I think. Victoria didn’t need to die in Eclipse.  She could have escaped using her gift and lived to cause trouble in BD.  Her newborn army scheme failed so she had to do something even more drastic: get the Volturi to kill the Cullens for her. It totally makes sense, she’s always been a behind-the-scenes schemer. 

They left me in the street, thinking I was dead.
                Believe me, I wanted to be.
About the perhaps we should settle this with a dance off! thing, I think it would totally be cool to see how the Volturi would react if they went to fight with the Cullen's and they were all just dancing.

I still think it could make a really hilarious fanfic if it were also a spoof of those dance movies like You Got Served

And there’s so much potential for humor.  The Irish can Riverdance, Amun’s coven can ‘walk like an Egyptian…’

What do you think Carlisle tells his patients when they undoubtedly complain about his cold hands? I've often wondered about this.

"Sorry.  Poor circulation."  Plus it’s a common joke that doctors have cold hands. His are colder than most, but playing into the joke is probably helpful. 

I mean, we don’t have a good sense of just how cold vampires are supposed to be.  Bella uses terms like “ice” and “wintery” but it seems like what they really are is room temperature… which is definitely colder than a human body, but hardly “ice.” They don’t make their own body heat but they don’t like, make cold either, so they are as warm or as cold as their surroundings.  

As for personal headcanon, I imagine that he’s always carrying around a hot mug of coffee, and he’s famous with the staff for liking his coffee scalding hot and dumping it out when it gets cold to get a refill (of course, he never actually drinks it). He holds the mug in both hands and thus artificially warms them. Him always being seen with coffee helps explain why he’s always so awake and alert even after a long, sleepless shift. Probably did something similar with tea back in the day, or warmed them with a lamp or washed them in unusually hot water.  That’s the best I can come up with to explain it, anyway. lol

"We are only defending ourselves."

"We are only defending ourselves."