Charlie Swan totally knew about the weird shit going on in his town. He was just smart enough to keep it to himself.

I really prefer this interpretation too. 

on your "olympic coven is named for bella" rant - she's not even from there. the cullens may have lived there only 2-3 years, but bella's been there like only half that time. if it were named for bella, i think it would be called the southwestern coven or the arizonan coven or something. i agree with you, it's just something i wanted to point out.

She was born there, though, right, even if she didn’t live there very long? Charlie and Renee met in La Push and married and lived in Forks when Bella was born.  I don’t think Bella necessarily considers herself Forksian—you’re right—but she was born there, had origins and roots there than none of the other Cullens do at all. 

It just seems really silly to name them after ONE place they have lived for such a short time when they move around so much. I mean surely they weren’t called the Olympic Coven when they were living in Rochester or Chicago or in Denali with their ‘cousins.’  ”Cullen Coven” makes much more sense, because it applies no matter where they live. 

Do you think Mackenzie fox did a good impresiion of Nessie,in the movie?i'm aware that you dislike the character,but i always though the acting was spot on

It’s hard to say, because movie!Nessie is so much “older” than book!Nessie. I mean in the book Nessie still looks like a 2-year-old rather than a 10-year-old, so it’s really hard to say. I think she did a good job though, given the nature of the part.  She had a maturity to her that seemed fitting, and a certain self-assurance. She approaches Aro without feat.

I did find the line like “Mom, did Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper run away because we’re going to die?” to be a little off—she never called Bella ‘Mom” in the book, but ‘Momma,’ and she never referred to Alice/Jasper (or anyone) as Aunt and Uncle. There was Momma, Daddy, and Grandpa (Charlie) but no one else was called anything like that.

But that’s more of script issue than anything Mackenzie had to do with. 

I think that belisle is also popular because the readers are supposed to be in bella's toes and she is more relatable than esme since bella is an average modern teenager so pairing bella with carlisle is like pairing themselves. Anyway, what do you think of carlisle/edward? I mean, edward was the first one to be changed and they lived together and carlisle is edward's hero and edward seems to be carlisle's favorite. Do you think they could have fallen in love with each other?

I think that’s it; Bella makes a good stand in so YOU can step in her shoes and have Carlisle be in love with you.  When it’s Esme, then it’s harder to pretend it’s you. Can’t say I’m a fan though, Bella just seems way too “young” for him in terms of life experience/world view. 

I can’t say I like the thought of Edward/Carlisle mostly because to me they are in such an unequal place (similar to why I don’t like Bellisle). Carlisle is in a position of authority over Edward; Elizabeth Masen basically entrusted her son to him, so for him to get involved with him romantically just feels… icky to me. Like a stepfather and stepchild, or a priest and an altar boy. It just seems unseemly. I never read any romance into it. To me it always felt like a mentor/student, father/son thing. 

Carlisle had always told himself that he only needed one companion, one other person who really knew him. But it turns out that wasn’t all he needed. Edward couldn’t fulfill everything Carlisle wanted/needed, because Carlisle still longed for a romantic connection which he obviously didn’t feel toward this boy he viewed as a son. So he ends up turning Esme, who—as a woman who had been married, had a child, and lived on her own—was a much better match in terms of maturity/life experience than Edward. 

Bella/Kristen looks like she's flirting so hard with Carlisle. It's so weird! I always thought she gave way more affection to everyone but Edward movie wise.

I’m pretty sure those glances she gave him were what inspired 90% of Bellisle fics. It can’t be a coincidence that so many start with the stitches scene. 

Is this meme dead? No, I submit that it is undead. 

Fixed it : Arm Wrestling Newborns


Fists punch together as Emmett Cullen stands to observe the newly transformed Bella. He’s cheerful, and has a good natured yet competitive grin on his stone features. Rosalie’s no where to be seen, but from the cooing heard from an infant, they all can imagine her place inside the grand home. She’s not paying them a bit of attention.

Emmett and Jasper stand on the deck, both watching the ever calm Bella Swan Cullen interact with Esme, Carlisle, and Edward.

       ”She’s not a newborn… she’s too— tame.”

Careful Emmett, she’s the strongest one in the house right now.”

         ”I dunno man. Let’s see.”

"I’m game. Come on, Emmett!"

The entire home knows of Emmett’s strength, but as he was the latest newborn, he had never matched his own against another’s peacefully. With bulking muscles, he moved with a grace only a vampire could match, despite his larger frame. He returned with a log nearly the size of Bella herself, that was dropped onto the earth with a resounding thud. His arms raised to flex muscles, only for show, of course, though that wasn’t needed either. No one in the house could claim arms as big as his.

Bella’s much smaller frame lined up against him, as crimson eyes stared at her opponent. Her attitude mirrored his; she felt powerful, invincible, and better than she had in any of her human years. Vampirism suited her, despite the stinging pain that hadn’t faded, and would not for the duration of her existence. Her smaller fingers wrapped around his, and with a whistle from the lips of Jasper, the game began.

Minutes passed, and though occasionally one of their arms would move to the left, to the right, or straight up again, neither of them had made any decent headway. Though banter from Edward cheered for his new bride, Jasper teased Emmett over the lack of victory. Rosalie glanced at the scene from the second story window, rolled her eyes & laughed, then returned to Renesmee.

Carlisle looked at his watch; to immortals, the passing of time stood hardly no consequence. Half an hour had passed and still, no cheers could come from either opposing parties.

"Call it, Edward. Clearly, Emmett’s strength is as we’ve always though, and Bella’s is no less than a newborn, despite her sense of peace with this nature so quickly. It’s a tie."

- Carlisle spoke and laughed, shaking his head at the ever eager Emmett, whose sole purpose was, at that moment, to throw a smaller woman’s arm into the wood of the tree.

She released, looking somewhat disappointed, though Emmett didn’t seem to pleased either. Still, he didn’t lose, but he didn’t win either. Jasper pats his brother on the back, and the two leave (but not without throwing jabs and receiving them from Bella in return over the match) but they aren’t going to sit idle. A nine board chess game with overly complicated rules awaits them both.

"I thought I would be the strongest? I’m a newborn. Why couldn’t I beat Emmett?"

"My love, just as Esme loves us all more than anyone else possibly could, Emmett is stronger than most, and if not stronger, then equal. It’s just his thing. Like- how Rosalie has beauty and tenacity, and Alice sees the future. Like how your mind can’t be read, or how Carlisle doesn’t even feel the calling of human blood anymore. We each have our gifts. Let Emmett keep his strength. He isn’t nearly as beautiful as you are.”

A+, I like this much better and is fair to both Emmett and Bella! 

I wrote a (funny?) “rematch" between Emmett and Bella after her newborn strength faded if anyone is interested… 

sudden realization why I dislike “the olympic coven” so much

NONE of the Cullens are originally from there.  

The Irish Coven is from Ireland. The Egyptian Coven is from Egypt. The Amazon Coven is from the Amazon.  The Romanian Coven is from Romania.  The Volturi Coven rules from Volterra. The Denali Coven is originally from Slovakia (or Russia) and Spain, but has lived in Denali for at least 80 years, probably a lot longer. 

None of the original “Olympic” Coven is from the Olympic Peninsula. 

Carlisle is from London, England; Edward is from Chicago, IL; Esme is from Columbus, OH; Rosalie is from Rochester, NY; Emmett is from Gatlinburg, TN; Alice is from Biloxi, MI; Jasper is from Houston; TX. None of them are from the Olympic Peninsula, and they only moved there in 2003.  By the end of BD, they’ve lived there 2-3 years.  That’s it. 

You know who IS from the Olympic Peninsula?


To call them The Olympic Coven is basically to name them after Bella and ignore the 90 years of coven history that came before her.

Can we please call them the Cullen Coven (like they are called in the Guide) instead? Please

Esme might not agree with Abraham ! Lol. Too old ? Too religious for her ? I don't know. I just don't see her being all "oh that's beautiful my love ! Let's call him like that !". I personally find Abraham really cute and sweet but ...

It’s kind of funny that Abraham is the example being used because in my headcanon, that’s Carlisle’s father’s name (since SM never bothered to give him one.  Of the Cullens, only Edward’s parents got named). Partially for Biblical reasons as he was supposed to be ‘old’ by the time Carlisle took over in his early 20s (contrary to popular belief, people didn’t just generally drop dead at 40 in the past.  When you hear things like “the life expectancy was 35” you have to remember that it is an average than includes all the babies and small children who died very young. While it was uncommon to live to be 70+, some people did) so I assumed Pastor Cullen was already older, perhaps in his 40s, when Carlisle was born—the Biblical Abraham waited a very long time for a child too. In fact I like to imagine he wanted to name Carlisle “Isaac” and it was Carlisle’s mother who was pushing for “Carlisle” instead (to honor her father, who was Bishop of Carlisle). Pastor Cullen thought it was too strange of a name, but when his wife was dying following the birth he relented and let her use the name she wanted. 

Plus I like the parallels of the Abraham and Isaac story, where God basically tells Abraham to kill his long-awaited beloved son as a sacrifice to Him, and Abraham so loves God and he is about to do it when an angel comes down to stop him.  Basically it was a test to see if Abraham loved and feared God enough, and the fact he was willing to obey such an impossible command was proof enough; God wouldn’t make him go through with it. Pastor Cullen was so obsessed with his pursuit of ‘monsters’ and ‘evil’ in the name of God that he basically sacrificed his son to the cause.  

But also because it’s the classic vampire hunter name.  Abraham Van Helsing from Dracula (and, indeed, the Dracula author himself, Abraham “Bram” Stoker).  Plus it was actually used in the time period, unlike “Carlisle.”  lol.