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rosalie hale + clipart
Well, yeah, I agree with your statement that the movies look more real. But I still like Edward's hair more, but that's maybe because it is an illustration. Real hair can't be like that, I guess. I imagine Edward's hair a little longer than in Breaking Dawn the movie. And I just really like fantasy illustrations.

Alice’s hair in the illustrations is much more like I imagined it than in any of the movies.  In my mind this is what a short spiky pixie cut would look like. It was short enough in the BD movies but not spiky at all really. 

Carlisle is my favourite for his history and his approach to that new life. SM already got some historical detail wrong in what she did write! - I also fear she'd mess it up! But I'd love to see a book solely about him

Yeah that’s the struggle I have—I want to have his back story fleshed out, but at the same time I don’t know that I trust SM to do it. She’s basically admitted that historical research is not her thing, which is fine. I mean we all have different strengths and interests.  But for me the history angle is a HUGE part of what I like about the vampire genre and I can’t imagine not wanting to tap into that. 

Carlisle’s history is 90% of why I love him, so I’m still kinda bummed it was never really addressed in the movies. 

I couldn’t decide who to use for this text post… so I used them all.

You’re welcome. 

I would love to read a whole book dedicated to Carlisle. From his human life to becoming a vampire, surviving on animal blood, his time with the Volturi, his long journey until he became the leader of his coven and of course his and Esme's love story.

I think he’s so under-rated in this fandom, mostly because so many people seem to just want to put him in this “Edward’s father figure” box and don’t let him exist as his own person with almost 300 years of history that predates Edward. This “having a family” thing is still kind of a new thing to him. Edward wouldn’t be Edward without Carlisle’s guidance, and Carlisle wouldn’t be who he was without the 300 years he spent without a family. 

If you are going to be a sparkling vegetarian vampire, you might as well be the ORIGINAL sparkly vegetarian vampire, amirite? lol

But yes, I’d love a book about him … although I kind of hope SM isn’t the one to write it. Which is not bashing her—she’s said herself she’d never do it because it would take too much research and she doesn’t have that in her. That’s not her scene or her style. But I’d love to see her maybe collaborate with someone who DOES have a background in historical fiction and do it up right, lush historical detail and all. Carlisle’s fascinating, much more complex than the “daddy” that shows up so often in fic and certainly deserves his story being told.

hey sorry to disturb, just wondering where could I watch KEEPING UP WITH THE CULLENS?

Unfortunately it only exists as graphics.  It’s something I’ve made up and work on—I do a new one about once a week under the ‘twilight reality show’ tag. 

I wish we could watch it, but alas it doesn’t exist as anything but what you see here on this blog. 


twilight saga meme | 1/5 five covens, families or packs

James’s Coven

Hello! I've read the Graphic Novels of Twilight. I totally love them! I really like the drawings of the characters, especially Bella, Edward, Carlisle and Rosalie. What do you think about the Graphic Novels?

I’ve never really been into Graphic Novels, so I don’t own them and haven’t read them, but I have seen scans online which I think are kind of cool just to compare them to the visuals we got in the movies.  I like comparing them. 

It’s hard for me to say whether I think the characters match my visions of the characters or not because the drawings are so stylized that, to me, they don’t look like real people. So when someone says that like, graphic novel!Edward looks more like the Edward in their head than Rob does, I can’t wrap my head around that because to me *any* real person is going to look more like the characters in my head than a drawing does. lol 

I don’t really like the Esme in the drawings. .. her hairstyle is too long and too dark for what I imagined. To me, ‘caramel’ is a light brown, but in the graphic novels her hair seems darker than Bella’s, and “billows” implies hair that’s shorter, no more than shoulder-length probably. Her hair is much longer and ‘stringier’ than I pictured.  The rest are good, I guess, although again I find it hard to compare them to my conceptions in my head because the versions in my head are real people, not stylized drawings. 

I have a background in art but it’s fine arts. I’ve done portraits, but I’ve never done illustrations, so that might be where my conflict is.  They’re probably very beautiful illustrations for the style, but I prefer real people to drawings. 

I wonder what that scene with Jake, Billy, Sue and Charlie was supposed to be? It looked like an intervention. I can see Charlie trying to convince Billy and Sue to help him talk to Jake after learning he's imprinted. If only because from what he's learned it doesn't seem like something the Jake he knows would be okay with.

Based on Jake’s outfit I think it’s the scene where he finds out Bella is “sick” and he’s about to barge over to the Cullens’ place, and Billy is trying to stop him.

But I love your take on it. I really don’t get why Sue and Billy would just accept the imprinting. They’ve never been wolves themselves, they’ve never experienced an imprint, they can’t understand it the way the pack can with their shared mind. So I (reluctantly) understand why Sam and the rest would be all OMG RENESMEE IS PART OF OUR FAMILY TOO WE LOVE HER because they are seeing her through Jacob’s eyes, but Billy and Sue are NOT. With all the prejudice that Billy has had up to this point—refusing anyone from going to the Forks hospital (even when Emily was injured—”You see Jared and Paul rush to help, bringing Sue Clearwater [an RN— the best choice available when one of the hospital staff is a vampire]”—Quil/Claire created a minor scandal but Sue and Billy instantly accept Jacob imprinting on a newborn (at least Claire was 2) half-vampire??

Does Billy know that Renesmee “bites Jacob all the time?” Is he really okay with that?  Vampire-hating Billy is just all “LOL she’s so cute when she bites my son with those razor sharp teeth, I can’t wait until she’s my daughter-in-law!”