I really love your "blog". Honestly, I share your opinions. I love underrated characters (especially Esme & Carlisle), I hate "perfect Bella". And I'd change the ending of this story. I've never known a person who isn't talking all the time "Omg, I love Bella and Edward. They are perfect" etc. It's nice to know that people as you exist. And I'm not alone (I've felt weird before because nobody of my friends shares my opinion). Thank you so much for that. Btw. Sorry for my english.

Thanks for the comments!

In my mind I try to make it more about celebrating the other characters rather than putting down the main ones, but you know since there is overlap between fans of the supporting characters and people who don’t like the main characters, sometimes this is a place to vent.  I feel like that’s okay, too, as long as we don’t devolve into out-right character bashing. 

Like, I’m always confused when I’m accused of ‘hating’ a character. When I say I find it disturbing that Renesmee bites Jacob “all the time” and everyone just laughs at it and no one tells her not to do it, I don’t think that’s hating. That’s saying, “I don’t like this specific thing in canon and it colors how I see this character.” It’s very different from saying something like “X is a worthless character, I hate him/her, SM is a terrible author for writing it!” which, to me, is what ‘hating’ actually is. 

But I agree.  So much of the Twilight fandom is Edward/Bella centric (understandably so!) that it can be hard to find others who are more interested in the secondary and tertiary characters and their stories and relationships. It’s hard to find edtis and gifsets that aren’t just E/B! Again: not about hating E/B or anything, but about giving the other characters a chance to shine outside of E/B’s shadow. :) 

Would it not be a little bit awkward for Bella, Edward and Renesmee to all look the same age? Also Bella and Edwards "insatiable love" for each other, which would mean Renesmee having to deal with that? FOREVER? I mean they're not going off on their own to play Sudoku.

The whole thing is just so weird, isn’t it? 

And like SM said that Nessie’s development will stop when she’s at like the equivalent of 18-20 years old, which would make her ‘older’ than her father and possibly older than her mother.  Like, that’s so weird???

As weird as the rest of the Cullen set up is, at least Esme and Carlisle are actually (developmentally) older than their ‘kids.’ (Jasper, Edward and Alice might have been vampires longer than Esme, but she’s got a 26-year-old brain and they have 19/20, 17, and 19-year-old brains)

Edward is going to be developmentally younger than his daughter. Like however old Nessie gets, that’s “fully adult” for her species.  She will reach full adult development for hybrids. Edward and Bella are frozen, they aren’t going to ever reach their full adult development, but Nessie will. 

Someone (was it staringatthesky?) was joking about how funny it will be in the future to have fully-adult Renesmee rolling her eyes are her eternally-teenage parents.  Kind of taking on the position that Bella used to have with Renee maybe?  She sighs indulgently, watching her parents stare deeply into each other’s eyes like the infatuated teenagers they will always be, and turns to her ‘grandparents,’ “I love Momma and Daddy dearly but sometimes they are such children!” 

Ever find breaking dawn part II deleted scenes?

It’s my understanding that they don’t really exist.  You can see bits and pieces of them in the “Making of…” documentary materials, but they don’t exist as full deleted scenes because the movie was so CGI-heavy that it would have been too expensive to finish the deleted scenes and make them worth watching, so they just never finished them and didn’t include them on any of the DVD sets. 

The hunt is his obsession. He’s never gonna stop!

The hunt is his obsession. He’s never gonna stop!

Can vampires hair grow? And can you cut it or is it like really hard lol? :)))))))

A vampire’s hair can’t grow. That’s why Alice has such short hair—it was cropped short when she was in the asylum and never had the chance to grow out all the way.

You can cut it though—according to SM the transformation doesn’t really do anything to the hair or nails because they are dead cells.  That doesn’t make a ton of sense though because you’d think that all vampires over a certain age would be bald because of damage to their hair.  So it’s got to be somewhat stronger than human hair? Or at least more securely attached to the scalp?

But anyway SM has said you CAN cut it, but it won’t grow back, so you better be REALLY sure about that haircut.

(I sort of have this little headcanon that Carlisle’s hair was a bit longer but when he left Volterra he cut it shorter, sort of symbolizing a fresh start.)

A little rant…


I’ve recently read an answered question by panlight and it really hit me hard. It’s about how Bella skipped all the newborn stuff and was the ultimate perfect vampire instantly. I mean, I can see why SM wanted her to be perfect, but honestly, I was really looking forward to her having to deal with all of the newborn stuff. Like, With the struggles and having to sacrifice her family and not being able to bear children anymore and trying to resist human blood. I was really looking forward to it because we were never given a newborn point of view so we don’t know what it’s like. We’ve never experienced reading the struggle from Edwards, or Jaspers, or Carlisles newborn point of view so we don’t really get to know what it’s like to actually be a vampire. SM wrote The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner but that doesn’t cut it. I was looking forward to seeing how Bella had to deal with it herself and what it would of been like from a character we got to know pretty well.

Yes! I was stoked to see what it was like to be a vampire from a newborn vampire’s POV…but then Bella is ~amazing~ and remarkably controlled and so we never got to see it. I mean her second day as a vampire she’s hanging out with her human father, there was no learning curve, it was instant. Even Bree was more tame than normal. It’s like we never really got to see the harsh reality of it because the two newborn narrators were got were unusual.  I’d love to see it from a ‘normal’ newborn’s POV.

Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain. Despite the pain, Esme was amazed to see Carlisle again, not sure if she was in heaven or hell. When the transformation was over, Carlisle explained that he’d turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. Esme was not as upset as he had expected. Adjusting to her new vampire nature had its challenges […]; still, she was happy to be with the man she’d always idolized. Her youthful crush transitioned easily into full-fledged love.

Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain. Despite the pain, Esme was amazed to see Carlisle again, not sure if she was in heaven or hell. When the transformation was over, Carlisle explained that he’d turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. Esme was not as upset as he had expected. Adjusting to her new vampire nature had its challenges […]; still, she was happy to be with the man she’d always idolized. Her youthful crush transitioned easily into full-fledged love.

The Twilight series could have had this brilliant, undertone message for young people, in the way Harry Potter is supposedly about mental illness. You have to make your own decisions in life, take a risk in following your heart and what will make you happy in life, with no real assurance on how it will work out (particularly, given how Alice's visions work) and like loveinstar said, everything comes at a price. But the way she ends BD destroys that and reduces it to just Bella's fairytale ending

That’s just it. The first three books set everything up that Bella was going to have to make this *SACRIFICE* to get what she wanted: forever with Edward.  She was going to have to endure the newborn year, risk killing people, give up her human family and friends, become Jacob’s enemy, lose the chance to ever have children. Then there was the risk to her ‘soul,’ too, which is something that is never resolved. Over and over and over again, especially in the middle two books, everyone is telling her the price she’s going to have to pay for this. Edward, Jacob, Rosalie, Carlisle… even happy-go-lucky Emmett in the “Emmett and the Bear” chapter says, “Hell’s not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you,” which is hardly a ringing endorsement of vampirism. 

And the Breaking Dawn happens and literally NOT ONE of the things they warned her about applies to her.  NOT ONE.  I mean I guess she has to cut out Renee but she’d kind of already done that? She keeps Charlie, she skips the newborn year, she’s instantly good at being around humans without killing them, she has a magically perfect baby who Jacob imprints on, thus solving all the vampire-wolf problems in a glittery instant of fairy dust.  It’s no longer a sacrifice, it’s a Grand Prize and it just ruined the tone of the story for me.  I was ALL ABOUT the sacrifice angle! It’s not that I wanted Bella to suffer, I just wanted her to have to play by the same rules as all the other characters.  NONE OF THEM had a choice about *anything* and they still had to face all the bad parts. I think Bella would have been a lot more sympathetic of a character—and she *finally* would have understood what the others were trying to warn her about—if she had to go through the same things that they all did.  It was portrayed as a sign of the depths of Edward’s love for her that he didn’t want to ‘damn’ her to this life… if him trying to spare her that fate is proof of his love and care, to then go and make that fate AWESOME just seems to defeat the purpose??? 

Wouldn’t it have been MORE romantic if being a vampire really wasn’t as magical and great as Bella thought it would be, but it was still worth it to her because she got to be with Edward? Of course she’s happy—she got Edward, immortality, beauty, power, a new house, a baby, a new car, her father, her best friend, no newborn madness, a power that saves everyone… if all she got was Edward and was STILL happy, *THAT* would prove how deep her love for him really is more than any “no one loves anyone more than I love you” declaration ever could. 

If a vampire's body is frozen at the moment of turning - how do they develop "super memories"? It makes no sense. It is said that when you learn new things - a new fissure is created in your brain to help you remember that new thing. If a vamp's body is frozen - how can it form that fissure? I guess if you use Meyer's logic - when the body undergoes the change to its full potential - perhaps your brain forms a mega-plex of wrinkles that are empty - waiting to be filled with new vamp memories

Your guess is as good as mine? The mega-plex idea might work, although in reality I suspect SM didn’t really think about it too much. Which is sort of the problem I have especially with Breaking Dawn. When you try to explain supernatural things with science you REALLY have to be on your game, you can’t half-ass it or it’s not believable. You either really have to know what you’re talking about, or just shrug and say “it’s magic” and move on. 

The whole pregnancy thing would have annoyed me less (although still sad forever that Bella gets something she didn’t even want but Esme and Rosalie longed for for decades) if she had just said “it’s magic!” rather than tried to explain the science behind it.