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razzzed asked: Do have any headcannons about how the Cullen's keep there bedrooms? We know all about Edward's, of course, but I just wonder what you thinkAlice and Jasper or Rosalie and Emmett's would be like?

I want to say it was mentioned somewhere that Rosalie and Emmett’s was white but I don’t buy that, it would be some rich, lush color like red or deep royal purple something.  Esme is the one who likes the pure, clean, light colors but Rosalie is much more showy and LOOK AT ME so I bet their room would be just rich colors and silks and velvets—very decadent and sensual.  I think the room is mostly to Rosalie’s tastes, but with like a flatscreen TV you can see from the bed to accommodate Emmett. He doesn’t care about interior design anyway, whatever makes his girl happy. 

Likewise I think there was something somewhere that everyone thinks of Alice/Jasper’s bedroom as “Alice’s room” because it has her stamp all over it, and Jasper has a study that is more to his tastes. I see Alice in bright, happy colors but tasteful in such a way that it doesn’t read “childish.” Lots of cheery yellows and light, gossamer curtains and stuff. Super feminine, because Jasper’s more masculine energy is reserved for his study which is more wood-and-leather.  

Carlisle and Esme’s is probably the light whites and creams she favors because I honestly don’t think Carlisle cares that much. But I think it’s less frilly and feminine than Rose and Alice’s rooms because Esme sort of did factor in that this is not just HER room but a couple’s room.  I sort of imagine when Esme first joined them it was a big project for her to sort of get the house in order because it was two bachelors with 23-year-old and 17-year-old sensibilities.  ”None of this furniture goes together!” “Why does that matter?” “OMG!! MEN!”  

Apr 16

procrastifectionist asked: I think that Jacob's imprint on Renesmee is THE most nonsensical thing SM wrote in all the books, for all those reasons you stated. Even if she were to attempt explaining it in a spinoff, I really don't think it would help at all. In fact, I think that would just make it more confusing. Even if she never wrote NM and Eclipse, if it was just Twilight and Forever Dawn, it STILL would make zero sense. I think SM was fully aware of it too, but Bella was gonna have her perfect forever no matter what.

If Renesmee has been human or mostly human maybe it would have made more sense, or if Jacob had not been an Alpha, but Jacob’s entire lineage and history is about defending humans from vampires… and then he imprints on a half-vampire.  And the whole “conflict of interest” has already happened, because all the wolves stood aside and tolerated a dozen or so red-eyed vampires in the area and did NOTHING about it because Renesmee needed them to witness that she was not an Immortal Child. You can argue “well technically they weren’t hunting on Quileute land,” but earlier in Breaking Dawn, Sam specifically said: "When blood drinkers cross our land, we destroy them, no matter where they plan to hunt. We protect everyone we can."  But in the later half, the wolves stand aside and do nothing when the Cullens’ red-eyed friends go off to hunt humans because of Jacob’s imprint on Renesmee.  I just seems like it would make it impossible for him to be a good leader when Renesmee’s safety and needs are more important to him than the greater good and the wolves’ ‘mission.’ The others don’t have the same conflict of interest because their imprintees are human—to protect them IS to protect humans/the tribe.


fireburnstheheart asked: What is your opinion on Carlisle & Esme, Eleazar & Carmen being parents in a twilight fan-fiction? As I have read quite a few where the author has made Carlisle and Esme parents to the 'Cullen' kids and I did read one - quite an outrageous one to about Carmen & Eleazar being parents to the Denali women - Tanya, Kate and Irina.

I can kind of get where people are coming from making C/Es literal parents to the Cullens in fic (although canon-wise I have my issues with “Dadlisle” portrayals, ‘Momesme’ bothers me less), but making Carmen and Eleazar the Denali parents is just down-right misunderstanding that coven.  The Denali sisters had a ‘mother,’ Sasha, and she was executed by the Volturi.  They are grown women, 1000 years old, and TANYA is the leader of the coven, not Eleazar.  Eleazar and Carmen are a good 700 years younger than the sisters, so them being their parents is bizarre.

Eleazar and Carmen might be like Carlisle and Esme in personality (the gentle, erudite vampire who lived with the Volturi for awhile and his warm, maternal mate), but in terms of the role they play in the coven, a better parallel would be Alice and Jasper.  They were an already-mated pair who joined an established coven who was united by venom (Sasha created Tanya, Kate and Irina; Carlisle created Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett).  Eleazar/Carmen and Jasper/Alice do not share a venom link with the rest of the coven. Eleazar, like Jasper, brings a lot of experience that Tanya herself doesn’t have, and while I’m sure she values his advice, he is not the leader.


squirreltastic asked: I was speaking with a friend and we both agree that (while I personally liked the bree novella) a way cooler way to show newborn life could have been to do a short collection of one shot stories of each cullens first year of life or one big event in their newborn life. Since most fans are more connected to the Cullens than Bree, or even expand it beyond the Cullens, wow imagine a short newborn story about Aro!

I would loooooove that.  

I didn’t mind the Bree book although I still felt the newborns were more ‘human’ and tame than I was expecting them to be after everything we heard about them in the other books.  I understand Jasper’s experience with newborn armies was extreme, but in Breaking Dawn that’s the reference where Bella says she knew what to expect from hearing the stories of her future-in-laws’ “wild early days” or whatever.  What ARE those stories? What did the other Cullens do as newborns that made Bella looks so tame and special in comparison?  Because from where I am sitting, on her first day Bella nearly killed two hikers (if Edward hadn’t distracted her), lost her temper over a nickname and nearly killed Jacob (“lunged for his throat” before Seth stepped in), and broke Seth’s collarbone.  I want to know what Emmett, Esme, etc did that made that look impressive. lol. 

Carlisle was trying to kill himself/starve to death and Rosalie had the presence of mind to exact a cold, calculating, bloodless revenge scheme, but what were the “wild stories” of the others?

hekapolis asked: You might be right but I find weird that they are not worried she will suck him dry and kill him. Maybe because they think she is too small to be in danger of drinking someone's blood to that point but still the immortal children seemed to be as small and capable of massacre a whole town...:/

That’s what I don’t get about the whole thing—why are none of them worried about this?  I don’t get why they aren’t more concerned about her diet.  Edward and Rosalie have spent the last three books telling us how awful it is to be a vampire and how you have to rise above the hand you were dealt (and I LOVE that stuff! I eat that stuff for breakfast! lol) but then with Renesmee they just laugh when she bites Jacob and don’t bother to correct her? Bella says Renesmee is “quite clear” on the good/bad stuff re: biting humans, but they let her drink (donated) human blood (no one else gets to drink it) and let her bite Jacob.  That sounds like mixed signals to me, even if she is a genius.

Carlisle “reasons” with her and tries to get her to drink baby formula but Edward is like “eww I don’t blame her that stuff smells vile.”  He doesn’t care than his innocent, half-human child drinks (donated) human blood (which the Cullens don’t allow themselves because it would make it harder to resist/not kill people) and doesn’t care she bites Jacob? You’d think he’d be a little more bothered he passed this thirst on to his precious daughter, but no one (except maybe Carlisle if you squint and read between the lines with the “please try the formula” stuff) seems worried about the big picture here or tries to tell her ‘no’ at all.  Just “don’t bite Charlie.” 

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princess-kate-the-great asked: So I've always been kinda curious, what age do you think they consider them immortal children? Because it's obviously not under 18, which seems the age most people consider people to be children. But could it really be 12 or 13? That seems much too young. What do you think?

I suspect that the age that someone is deemed an “Immortal Child” is pretty much a whim of Aro’s. lol.  I think if another coven had vampires as young as Jane and Alec, Aro might declare them Immortal Children, but if Aro found a 10-year-old vampire with a talent he would be more forgiving.  ”OH I read his mind he is especially mature, it’s quite all right, this one… “ 

I think Benjamin is like 15, right? Maggie is around there too. Edward at 17 isn’t treated as being exceptionally “young” for a vampire.  I’d say it’s probably a range of ages depending on how Aro is feeling that day and whether or not he wants to recruit anyone from the ‘guilty’ coven.  The ones Carlisle tells Bella about sounded very, very young though, like toddlers.  Likewise the Denali ‘brother’ Vasilli was probably 4/5 in the movie?

If I had to guess anything younger than 10 is pretty much NO, anything over 14/15 you’re in the clear, and that 10-15 range is up to the Volturi’s discretion.  


Charlie - Edward and Bella’s Wedding Video


Charlie - Edward and Bella’s Wedding Video