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idisagreedwithit said: Ok, so after rereading the post you recently linked with Esme's bitchface and the caption, 'Whatever it Takes' as her narration. I understand KUWTC is a joke but do you think Esme would have done whatever it took to prevent Edward from leaving, even if it meant her family taking care of Bella, Edward drinking her blood after killing or, or even killing Bella herself? If any of these scenarios were to occur, how do you think it would change the family dynamic, if at all?

I can’t really see Esme going out and killing Bella herself in this scenario, but I could imagine her just sort of … looking the other way while Rosalie or Jasper went to do it. 

This family is all that she’s got. She can’t have children and she’s not at a point in her vampire life yet where she trusts herself to teach (even if sunlight were not an issue); Carlisle and her adopted adult ‘children’ are her whole world.  She dabbles in home renovation and design, but she’s probably not doing a whole lot of that in a poor little town like Forks. Edward already ran off to Denali for a week and it hurt her. She’s worried about him and wants him to be okay, and this girl and the temptation she presents is making him crazy. 

She’d feel bad about it, but her family is her #1 priority and she’s a vampire, so their reality and their morality is different than a human’s. Once she hears from Alice that Edward is in love with Bella or will be, she does a 180 and is basically already planning E/B’s wedding in her head. She’s “joyful” about it and Edward is horrified at her joy because how on earth can this possibly work out? 

I think overall Esme has an easier time justifying some of the sketchy stuff the Cullens have to do to protect their family than Carlisle does. It’s love vs compassion again.  Love is for people you know in your life; compassion is for everyone, for humanity as an idea.  Esme doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but if she feels like she has to to keep her family together, I think she’d lose less metaphorical sleep over it than Carlisle would.  He’s the one who didn’t like the thought of killing James, who hated the idea of killing the newborns (“no one hated violence more than Carlisle”), who is saying over and over a fight with the Volturi is the last thing he wants when Amun, the Romanians ect assume otherwise.  

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sweetsugarhoneyfics said: What are your opinions on the voting scene at the end of New Moon? I have to say I didn't appreciate Bella practically not giving a damn about what Rosalie had to say to justify her negative vote, and I felt Carlisle was a little off-character. I understand he doesn't want to lose his "son", but one would think such a responsible and caring leader would worry a little more about Bella's humanity and the possibility she could soon regret becoming a monster, and at least mention it in his vote.

I think in the book we don’t really get a full picture of what Carlisle thinks.  If I remember correctly, isn’t it that Edward reads his mind and is preemptively all “no!” and Carlisle counters “it’s the only thing that makes sense,” and Edward gets even pissier and Carlisle sort of sighs and says “I guess you know my vote” and that’s pretty much it? I don’t think he gets into his reasons at all, he doesn’t even really say “yes,” it’s just implied by Edward getting angry at his thoughts.

In the movie he does give a more specific reason “I won’t lose my son,” but the whole end of the movie is pretty rushed and no one gets to explain themselves as much as in the book, only Rosalie comes close. 

Personally, it sort of seems like Bella’s humanity is going to be forfeit either way. I mean, either the Cullens turn her or the Volturi kill her. The whole family is involved in this now because of Edward’s little adventure in Italy. Trying to hide her from the Volturi isn’t a feasible option, but I think the fact that Bella WANTS to be turned is what really leads Carlisle to vote ‘yes.’ If Bella didn’t want to be a vampire, maybe Carlisle would be willing to risk the rest of the family’s safety to keep her human and hidden and honor her wishes, but since she wants to be a vampire (or at least thinks she does), and the Volturi want her to be a vampire, and most of the Cullens are fine with her being a vampire, and Edward’s going to kill himself when she dies, it really is the only thing that makes sense. 

I’ve seen others criticize him for voting yes because like “oh so he won’t lose his son, but Charlie can lose his daughter?” but… again, that’s not really the choice here. Either Bella becomes a vampire, or the Volturi will kill her. From where Carlisle is sitting, Charlie is going to lose her either way. 

If they were taking the same vote but without a threat from the Volturi, Carlisle might have voted no, or at least cautioned Bella to think about it more or wait longer. 

madonnasarmstho said: My brother and I were arguing about this last night! I've always pictured 'bronze' as the Medium Auburn. But my brother pointed out last night that the actual color bronze was more like the Beeline Honey shade (maybe a bit darker). For 'caramel', I always pictured a color like the Reddish Blonde (maybe a bit lighter). But yeah, the first movie is the only one I thought got all of the characters looks right. Jasper's hair was a little crazy, though. I liked his New Moon look best. [Part 1/2]

Eclipse was okay, too. I think it probably was more accurate for when he was changed, but I personally liked the style of New Moon better. With Alice, I liked her longer hair better than her short, though I also suppose Breaking Dawn fits the ‘pixie-cut’ description better. LOL sorry for going on…I just take the Twilight character’s hair very seriously haha [Part 2/2]

infinitepath-unrivaledskill said: Caramel was reddish blonde, bronze was auburn but more golden

There’s always been a fair amount of confusion in fandom about what exactly “bronze” hair (Edward) and “caramel” hair (Esme) are supposed to look like.  Pre-movies, Esme was depicted as brunette, blonde and redhead in fanart.  Edward was similar.  And if anything, the movies just confused the issue more, especially with Esme, since she ended up with dark brown, almost black, hair in the Breaking Dawn films.(I’m especially interested in those two colors, but feel free to include which colors match the other Cullens/characters’ hair, too.)Which of the above samples is closest to what you imagined “bronze” and “caramel” to look like when you read the book?

There’s always been a fair amount of confusion in fandom about what exactly “bronze” hair (Edward) and “caramel” hair (Esme) are supposed to look like.  Pre-movies, Esme was depicted as brunette, blonde and redhead in fanart.  Edward was similar.  And if anything, the movies just confused the issue more, especially with Esme, since she ended up with dark brown, almost black, hair in the Breaking Dawn films.

(I’m especially interested in those two colors, but feel free to include which colors match the other Cullens/characters’ hair, too.)

Which of the above samples is closest to what you imagined “bronze” and “caramel” to look like when you read the book?

fireburnstheheart said: I was thinking about this earlier - what are your thoughts on what would happen to Irina, if she wasn't the one who tattled on the Cullen's - like your comment earlier where it had been Victoria who was supposed to use Riley to tattle on them to the Cullen's. Especially with her not having Laurent. Would she stand and fight for the Cullen's and the Pack?

I could see Irina being upset with the wolves and not believing Bella’s story (that Laurent was going to kill her and the wolves saved her) because, really, Irina doesn’t know Bella at all and she was in love with (or at least falling in love with) Laurent.  It would be natural for her to want to believe that Laurent wouldn’t do that.  So I could see her not wanting to support Bella/the wolves, but that’s a different thing than turning them into the Volturi, you know?

So I guess if it had been Victoria who tattled, Irina probably would have come with her sisters to see what the Cullens wanted/needed from them, and then after hearing the explanation and the plans she might have been like “look I hope you all survive this little talk with the Volturi, but I can’t be here with the wolves who killed Laurent, I’m sorry” and maybe have gone back to Alaska?  Maybe she shows up at the end, just before the “fight” feeling like she has to be there for the rest of her family?

hirakawa-sama said: I was just watching BDP2 with the subtitles on and when Jake is undressing and he wolfs out, the subtitle for Charlie's reaction while he's falling back to seeing Jacob wolf out is "Holy shit!" Just thought that would be an interesting thing to tell you.

browneyedsassygirl said: So I unintentionally took a mini-break from this blog for a month or so, focusing way more on my royal blog, and I found myself really missing your posts. I enjoy the fantasy genre and discussing the depths of characters. I find it so interesting, and you do such a great job with that. I guess that means that if I were ever to make a follow forever, you'd definitely be on it :)

Aww, thank you <3

TWILIGHT MEME - [ 1/1 ] Family            ↳ The Clearwaters

TWILIGHT MEME - [ 1/1 ] Family
            ↳ The Clearwaters

what-whatisit said: I was just looking at the episode with the family deciding what to do about Bella and i find it kinda odd that Esme would be OK with Edward killing Bella like i get she wants to keep her family together but you think she would be against it just because she knows what it is like to lose a child. but i have to say it is one of my favorite moments i feel like it is the only time they speak freely the rest of the time i feel like they edit a lot of things so Bella doesn't freak out.

I love that scene because I think it’s the best glimpse we get at ALL of the Cullens’ true colors and it’s like the one time we’re reminded that Esme is a vampire after all.  Edward flat-out says she’s in favor of any plan that keeps the family together.  She’s not actively saying “yes, kill the girl!” but she isn’t necessarily opposed either, whereas Carlisle is definitely against it.

And I think that’s kind of the difference between Esme and Carlisle and really the difference between love and compassion.  You ‘love’ people you know.  Esme loves her family and wants what is best for them. Carlisle loves humanity as a whole. He loves his family but he isn’t willing to compromise his beliefs to do what is ‘best’ for them (well until Breaking Dawn but everything is off the rails in that one). I see people saying Carlisle would do anything to protect his family, but I don’t think his actions bear that out—he has his limits.  Arguably killing Bella was the best/safest thing for him to do if protecting his family was his greatest concern… I mean, look what happened!  Bella DID (inadvertently) put them in danger again and again.  When they met the wolves in the 1930s, the “safest” course of action would have been to kill them, Carlisle offered them a treaty instead.  When they faced the newborns, the safest thing was to kill Bree rather than have the Volturi see them harboring a newborn; Carlisle (and Esme too in this case) refused.

The fact that Carlisle was the ONLY ONE at that family meeting against killing Bella because it was morally wrong is really fascinating to me.  I mean Alice and Edward were against it too, but Alice was against because she had visions of them being friends and obviously Edward’s feelings on the matter were complicated.  Carlisle had met the girl once, and at this point had no true understanding of what Edward’s interest in her was.  Carlisle’s reasons are purely from the point of doing what was right, that whole great little speech he has: “I’d like very much for our family to be worth protecting. The occasional… accident or lapse in control is a regrettable part of who we are […] To murder a blameless child in cold blood is another matter entirely. I believe the risk she presents, whether she speaks her suspicions or not, is nothing to the greater risk. If we make exceptions to protect ourselves, we risk losing something much more important. We risk losing the essence of who we are.

And I also like that he and Esme can disagree on something and not create a lot of needless drama about it.  It comes up again with the pregnancy mess—they disagree but aren’t at each others throats about it and seem to understand where the other one is coming from.