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karaloves12 said: The burn in the throat that was described in Twilight - I'm quite familiar with it. When a person is diabetic - and their sugar is not in control - your throat is constantly parched, a burning sensation in the back of it, begging to be gone. It can drive you to distraction until you drink enough water to ease it - and even then it doesn't feel like it's completely gone until you control your sugar. I have a hard time believing Bella could so easily control her thirst.

Thanks for the example!

And for me, the thing is that the Cullens’ lifestyle means the burn is never totally gone.  Human blood-drinkers get to put out the fire for at least awhile; the vegetarians never truly put it out, only dull it to bearable levels. That’s a big deal to me, that’s a big price to pay and a huge downside. Constant pain? That’s no fairy tale to me. Does Renesmee have the same kind of painful thirst?  Is this baby in pain, or is she exempt? Is this ever addressed? 

madonnasarmstho said: I always just really felt bad for Renesmee. Imagine having your father hear every thought that goes through your mind. Aging at an unheard of rate but having a family that wants you to age as slowly as possible. Having to defer to a man who will forever be emotionally 17. I can only see her as having a very angst-y teenage phase. I mean I never thought that Edward was very mature, no matter how much SM insists he is. And imagining him as a father is hard. Bella, too.

I mean they are just both so obsessed with each other I cant see how they could possibly make good parents. I’m not saying that they would neglect her. But their relationship seems like they will forever be in a ‘honeymoon phase’, ya know? And I just find it really immature and teenag-ish. Carlisle and Esme would be the pest couple at raising a child. Even Emmett and Rosalie aren’t as ~omgILYxoxo that Edward and Bella seem to be. IDK. I just think a baby was a weird direction to go in for BD.

No, I totally get what you mean.  Edward/Bella have a very intense, insular love. I mean they flat out say stuff like “You’re the only thing it would hurt me to lose,” “if you stay I don’t need Heaven,” “You’re the most important thing to me ever,” etc. That’s their style. That’s their whole deal, this intense, all-consuming love. That’s what draws so many people to their story, right? THAT is the appeal.  

Is there really room for a child in a love like that?  If the whole point of E/B is “They don’t need/want anything but each other,” then a baby kind of . ..gets in the way, doesn’t it? It continues after they have the kid, too: Bella’s planning on dying with him if Edward dies in battle (instead of trying to live so Renesmee can have at least one of her parents) and then their “No one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you,” “You’re almost right, I know one exception” thing at the end. I have a whole bunch of issues with that quote, but primarily I keep thinking: What about your kid?? Don’t you love your kid more than your spouse? Do you really love each other more than you love Renesmee?  Look, I’m not a parent, but of all the parents I know, young and old, they all say the same thing: the love you have for your kid is bigger than romantic love. My dad—not a particularly mushy guy at all—would often tell me he loved me more than life itself. Bella gives Nessie a necklace that has a similar sentiment, but IDK I don’t feel like there’s room for her in E/B’s relationship.  E/B’s main priority has always been .… E/B. Which is a contrast to a couple like Esme/Carlisle who have an open style of love, who share their home and their affection and time with their ‘children’ and not just each other. Not saying one style is better/worse or more/less romantic than the other, just that one style is probably going to make better parents than the other.

I think SM, as a mother herself, couldn’t imagine a Happily Ever After without a child, but I think E/B, the characters, didn’t need that. All they needed/wanted was each other. That was their whole thing. Bella didn’t want kids. Edward never expressed any interest or regret over the idea until the night before the wedding. Maybe if he had expressed similar feelings to what Esme and Rosalie had over the course of the story the addition of a baby would have felt more natural, but it didn’t seem like something E/B needed/wanted to be a happy. 

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tehedward said: Saw your post about Carlisle tying to convince the others to go to Africa to help, I don't know I don't think any of the Cullen's are opposed to helping, just about blowing their cover. I've always figured that the Cullens do a lot of charity work anyway, because it helps them to establish themselves in a new city. They're odd and they know it so the charity work helps people to overlook it. It's like yeah they're a little weird but did you see what they did last weekend at the community center?

Oh yes, that’s what I meant: that they would think it would be too noticeable/would blow their cover.  It’s kind of a big news story and the weather might not be conducive to a vampire going unnoticed. It’s different than, say, when Carlisle worked in Chicago during the 1918 Flu. He was just one of many doctors all around the world dealing with it.  But if he did something with Doctors Without Borders re: this Ebola outbreak, he’d leave a paper trail, and even just getting there without drawing attention to himself (sparkling aside, a very pale, very blond, very young doctor is going to draw attention going on what many would perceive as a suicide mission—they don’t know he’s not human and can’t catch it—would draw attention) would be a risk I’m not sure the rest of the family would think he should take.

I think when Carlisle was on his own he was much more inclined to go where he thought he was needed.  If he got found out and destroyed, oh well. It’s more complicated now that he has a family/coven that would go down in flames with him if he were to be exposed.

I like to think they do charity work, too, but alas there’s no real evidence of it in the books or the guide. The most we get is Alice donating their used (only worn once…  :/ ) clothes to Goodwill (or actually, isn’t Edward’s wording that they have piles of brand new clothes destined for Goodwill? Meaning they haven’t actually donated them yet?).  I think it would be in character for them to do charity work, or at least have Esme and Carlisle encourage it, but sadly we don’t actually have much to base it on in canon.

naive-girl-or-not said: What u think about Cullen's appearance? (Sorry if this has been asked.)

In terms of the movie?

In order of how much they looked like how I imagined them:
Alice & Emmett (tied for first)

That is not to say that I don’t think Nikki and Jackson did a great job, and I “see” them in my head as Jasper and Rosalie now, but they didn’t resemble the characters I saw in my head when I read the books (I did read them before the movies came out).

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grvmes-tvff said: I think all the Cullen's and most of the vampires hate would hate rap music and anything close to that like twerking?

I think Emmett might be the only one who would give rap much of a chance, even if mostly just to bug Edward with it.

And twerking. .. yeah I don’t see that being popular with them.  There’s probably a sort of culture curve.  I mean everything seems ~scandalous when it first comes out and then eventually people get used to it.  To us, the waltz seems very wholesome and old fashioned.  But at first, people thought it was scandalous for couples to hold each other so close, gasp! It started with the lower classes before getting popular with the upper classes. Carlisle’s old enough to have witnessed that. It might take vampires a little longer to start accepting things; whether they’ll ever come around to twerking though IDK,