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sweetsugarhoneyfics said: Supposing that the Cullens were just Carlisle, Edward, Emmett and Jasper, none of them had mates or love interests or anything, and Bella met them all at the same time... Do you think she would fall for Edward anyway, or would she feel attracted to any (or many) of the others too? And in that case, who do you personally think that would be the best partner for Bella (as in whose personality would be more compatible with hers)?

Gut instinct: she’d go for Edward or Jasper.  I don’t think Emmett and Carlisle would be ~mysterious enough for her.  Emmett’s just got no angst or tortured past to speak of, and Carlisle’s legitimately not dangerous. He’s basically immune to human blood, there would be no drama.  Instead of “you don’t understand how much your blood calls to me, how the thought of hurting your tortures me,” she’d just get “I hope you do not mind me saying so, but you smell anemic.  Are you getting enough iron in your diet?” 

Jasper has a similar ~dark past and had the danger factor that Edward does, so I think that would appeal to Bella’s ‘danger magnet’ trait. Emmett’s got poor control too, but he doesn’t really have that ~vampirey air about him. And Carlisle’s practically human at this point (even Jacob says so) so I kind doubt he would appeal to Bella’s more reckless side. 

Personality wise?  IDK.  Bella’s vague enough that she could probably work with anyone, I think it’s more about whether the guys would respond to her. I don’t know if she’s fiery enough for Emmett.  Yes, she does have her temper from time to time, but it’s really no match for Rosalie’s fire.  And I personally don’t think Bella’s idea of 24/7 romance would work well with Carlisle’s devotion to his work. I can’t help but think she’d see it is him choosing the hospital over her, “aren’t I enough for you??” I mean she literally says things in the book about being uneasy when she hasn’t seen Edward in a few hours, so I don’t think she’d cope well with his long hours at the hospital.  Her love of books might appeal to Jasper and Carlisle but probably not to Emmett at all. Rosalie’s smart, but she’s more hands-on smart, she builds things and does things rather than sits and reads about things, which suits him better. There’s also the fact that all of them are more mentally mature than she is (yes, even Emmett. I’m talking brain development here lol), given that they are 19/20, 20 and 23 compared to Edward’s 17. 

tl;dr: Edward’s probably the best bet for her, all things considered. But I could see her going for Jasper because of the ~danger and mystery.

foleyz said: "Emmett Cullen: Dudebro" BRILLIANT. Thank you for the lovely KUWTC, they always make me smile!

sweetsugarhoneyfics said: I love Keeping Up With The Cullens! Rose is like a slap in the face, Edward is all stupidly romantic, and Carlisle with those "Carlisle doesn't approve" faces and lines when someone's not behaving properly. But my favorites have to be Emmett and Jasper. Gotta love how every time someone (usually Edward) rambles about something, they're always there to go straight to the point in their hilarious southern or "dudebro" ways. Thanks so much for the laughter, this should be made into a book XD



twilight saga meme — Four Favorite Twilight Saga Moments

                           'Done already?'


twilight saga memeFour Favorite Twilight Saga Moments

                           'Done already?'

rhiannonlovely said: You know one thing I absolutely hate in fanfiction? When Renee is played out to be some child neglecting floozy and Bella had to cook for herself since she was five and paid bills when she was nine. Like, there is no canon evidence that Renee was a bad mother. Flighty? Yes. Forgetful? Sure. A free spirit? Absolutely. But, never a bad mother to Bella. I guess because I'm kind of like Renee that I want to defend her and because Bella just pisses me off with her holier-than- thou attitude. I guess-

that Bella and Edward are the fanon one true mate thing. This is an instance that she’s an unreliable narrator with her treatment of her parents and how she plays them out to be.

Yeah I don’t like it when Renee is made out to be a bad mom, either. Especially when it’s like she had a new guy every week or whatever. Renee put herself through school, got a job, and kept a job.  She as a great teacher and her students loved her.  And she left with Bella when she was a baby.  I don’t care how unusually responsible and mature Bella was, she wasn’t running the house when she was 5, Renee was, and they survived just fine. Child protective services were never called.  Charlie never sued for custody.  Bella described Renee as her best friend.  You don’t call your neglectful, terrible mother your best friend. 

My mom is flighty and my dad is forgetful. Mom always had new hobbies and sometimes she wouldn’t make dinner because she got caught up in her latest fad hobby.  And Dad would sometimes forget to pick me up after art class so I’d have to call him.  But that’s just because they are human beings with faults, they were great parents over all.  

It seemed to me that Bella is such a ‘responsible’ kid—taking more after Charlie than Renee—that she didn’t feel like Renee ran the house the way she ‘should’ have, but like I honestly just read it as teenage hyperbole and gentle teasing like, oh well she has Phil now so I know the bills will be paid. I didn’t take that literally.  My dad once took his truck to go get gas in Mom’s car… we still tease him about it, but it happened the one time.  I’m sure the first time Renee forgot to pay the electric bill and the lights went off, she learned her lesson and she hasn’t done it since. 


nicholasgrayson said: Here's a theory is not actually the "one true mate" thing that happens with vampires it seems like it because vamps can only fall in love once and never fall out of love,so its not like rose could only fall in love with emmet and only him,he simply was the first one he ever fell for as an vampire,the mates are not the only ones a vampire can ever fall in love with,they are only the first one that makes that feeling happens,and the vampire brain assures the feeling never fades

That’s how I personally saw it, that a vampire could fall in love with *anyone* but once they were in love, they didn’t fall out.  I mean you have the example of Victoria, James and Riley.  Victoria was in love with James, but James’ feelings for her were not as strong. So this clearly wasn’t some destined True Mate thing (because James didn’t love her back with the same intensity), but Victoria absolutely was 100% devoted to him. And then you have Riley, who 100% loved Victoria but she didn’t love him back at all. 

The One True Mate stuff is really popular in fanfic and I TOTALLY understand where it comes from.  E/B and Alice/Jasper especially seem to follow that sort of storyline (Bella being “perfectly designed” for Edward what with the silent mind and delicious blood and Alice having visions of Jasper before she even met him), and you can read into Kate/Garrett, Esme/Carlisle and Emmett/Rosalie too. It’s not my cup of tea, personally. I like the idea of choice. I think it’s more romantic to think that Carlisle COULD have fallen in love with anyone over the course of 300 years, but he didn’t (because he was so focused on taming the bloodlust, because he was married to his work, because he was afraid, because he wasn’t ready, because x, y, z) until Esme, not that he was incapable of loving anyone except Esme, ever.  Or that Garrett is just so magnetic and interesting that Kate is finally willing to try monogamy for the first time rather than they locked eyes across the Cullen backyard and instantly realized they were soulmates. 

Personally I leave the perfect cosmic match/no choice/instinct stuff to the wolves and imprinting and prefer a little more “fall in love like humans do” with the vampires. But all the guide says about mates is that “vampires mate for life and once they fall in love that feeling never fades.”  You can use that for One True Mate stuff or you can use that for more real world style love stories.  It can work both ways, which is the beauty of fanfic.  Something for everyone. 


nicholasgrayson said: i wonder if the volturi guard is a 100% like a cult,like if they stand 24/7 defending their masters and doing nothing else,I'd like to timagine that some vamps become memebers of the guards because of the money and status,the volturi are obviously rich,and someone who worked for them for a long time would get to go anywhere and no one would dare to mess with a member of the volturi guard

I like to think that, at first, there was some element of that.  Like Aro really believed in the Law and he honestly thought the Romanians were doing a shitty job and wanted to do ~better for the vampire species and he went around recruiting people to his cause (pre-Chelsea) with promises of glory and honor and people joined up.  But then power corrupts, and over the centuries it becomes less and less about effective leadership for the vampire world and more about Aro maintaining his position at the top, and he obtains Chelsea and starts taking people forcibly (he basically stole Demetri from Amun, and killed all of Heidi’s coven except Victoria, who escaped, to get Heidi). 

But there is that element of prestige, of honor.  They are basically the royal family, so someone showing up where one of their gray/black cloaks and their emblem would command a certain respect anywhere in the vampire world. But these days the respect seems to be coupled with fear and some distrust.