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rhiannonlovely said: I had this odd thought of Bella going to Seattle to see Jenks - I'm still not over her declaring that was her job now - and her passing a bar on the street and just looking in, seeing a group of college students the same age as she would be just having drinks, laughing, and having a good time together. She just stares and has a tinge of regret and longing because they're having such a good time together. I know Bella is *different than other girls* and so special because she would rather stay

home and read a book than go out, but everyone likes to go out with friends once in a while. I want her to feel some regret about just having the Cullens to talk to for eternity. Just regret of what she is missing out because of rushing into a serious decision.

I think a scene like that would have helped. There was something like it in the first movie which I thought was really effective, when Bella is fleeing from James and they drive by the diner or whatever and see her human friends just all laughing and carefree and you have that moment of: that’s the life Bella could be living but she chose Edward instead.  And it’s not about ~regretting her choice or anything, I just think it’s natural (human?) to wonder sometimes about the path not taken. Bella in BD doesn’t seem to wonder much, but once the newness and excitement wears off, you kind of have to think she will from time to time.

And it might not even be like she really wants to go out drinking or whatever, but she doesn’t even have the option anymore. It’s about not having those choices. Like Leah with her infertility. It’s not even that she really wanted children (like Esme or Rosalie) it’s that the choice has seemingly been made for her. It’s one thing to not have children because you decide you didn’t want them, it’s another to not have them because you can’t.

there is something I see in you 
it might kill me 
I want it to be true

there is something I see in you

it might kill me

I want it to be true


Does someone else still think about how Carlisle must have felt when Edward told him on the phone about the baby?

like: no, son, I haven’t raised you like this - I’m a doctor - I have told you about birth control, dammit Edward didn’t you listen to me the last 80 years?


I still think it doesn’t make sense that Carlisle of all people wouldn’t have at least HEARD of these legends.  I mean this is the guy who was so curious about the wolves that he checked out how many chromosomes Jacob had. The guy whose eyes light up when Bella (falsely) describes her ‘painless’ transformation because of the “the thrill of new information.” They guy who has a wife and “daughter” who more than anything long to have children. I’m supposed to believe this guy didn’t already do all the research on the possibility of vampires having children decades ago? Wouldn’t he have tried to find anything about it in hopes of making Esme and Rosalie’s dreams come true, thoroughly researched any legend no matter how ridiculous it seemed?  I’m supposed to believe that he never talked to the housekeepers on Isle Esme about their native legends? Like, really? This is the hardest thing for me to believe about Breaking Dawn, honestly. lol. I could accept that he thought it was all myth, that he didn’t believe it was true, but I can’t accept that he never looked into it at all, that he had never heard of it.

That said: Edward & Carlisle BD Phonecall Re-write

molly-miranda said: I don't know if you ever read this fic but the name is "only human" by amethyst jackson, in this fic bella meets edward in 1918 after coming back in time, she also meets his family and she falls for the "human edward" and she meets carlisle too and there is also "anathomy of a human" that is the same fic but writen from edward's POV. This all happen after bella and edward get maried and come back from their honeymoon. There is no renesmee and i think its a nice fic, try it when you have time :)

I think I’ve read that one (the first one anyway—not the one from Edward’s POV).  I remember rather liking it, although E/B is never really my focus. lol. 

I kind of love the idea of time travel fics but all of them are about Bella. Bella going back in time and falling for human Edward I get—that’s a lovely idea. But I get frustrated because there are no similar stories for Carlisle and Esme, for example.  LIke, none.  Do I have to write it myself? lol There are plenty where BELLA goes back in time and meets up with (usually already-a-vampire) Carlisle or Jasper or whoever and they fall in love with her back then and thus the future never happens but again…I’m just not that interested in Bella. lol. 

Why not have Esme end up in 1660s London and meet Carlisle and his dad and she has to make the difficult decision of letting fate unfold the way it is “supposed” to or keep Carlisle from going out that night and thus ensuring that Edward and Rosalie and Emmett will die young and that Alice (and through Alice, Jasper) will never have an example to show them another way.  Can you imagine her trying to weigh those issues?  Do I keep him human here with me, spare him 250 years of loneliness, but in doing so ensure that the family I loved will never exist?  (Seriously if I weren’t so lazy I would write this lol) 

Or Alice end up in the 1860s and meet human Jasper.  She of all people knows how decisions can change the future, what does she decide to do with that information? (Although to be fair I’m pretty sure I have seen Alice/Jasper time travel fic before). 

Or hell, Kate/Garrett.  Or anyone who is not Bella for once. Even Edward or Rosalie going back in time and meeting human Carlisle or Jasper and seeing him in a new way would be interesting. 

apeirophobiaandtheidesofmarch said: In regards to fairy tales and Twilight, I always got a Rapunzel vibe from Amun and Benjamin. Amun covets Benjamin's power and tries to hide him from the world, pretends to be a paternal figure but really isn't, steals him as a child, etc. (there's a lot of parallels between Amun and Benjamin's relationship and Rapunzel and the Witch's) Also, in the story Rapunzel is only freed because she is no longer a virgin, and Amun didn't ease up on Benjamin's freedom until he made Tia his mate.

"Emmett and I were away hunting. Jasper shows up, covered in battle scars, towing this little freak" he nudged Alice playfully " who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and wants to know which room she can move into."

Alice and Jasper laughed in harmony, soprano and bass.

"When I got home, all my things were in the garage," Edward continued.

Alice shrugged. “Your room had the best view.”

” — Eclipse. (via stupidlamb-s)

I’m fairly convinced that when Alice kicked Edward out of his own room was when Rosalie started to warm up to her. 

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but esme cullen tho


fandomgirlblogger said: With the new twilight movie are you excited because they may finally have a movie just for CARLISLE and ESME other side characters. What do you hope they do if they do chose to use Carlisle and Esme like one main thing they need to include in their story The one thing they need to do to Carlisle for me is give him more of a distinct personality other than passionate. Also who do you hope they use for the movie like your top 4 characters they would use mine would be Carlisle, Esme, Aro and Jane.

My guess is that these short films are going to be based on relatively ‘minor’ characters from the Guide, probably female characters (Siobhan, Bree, etc), so I doubt we’re going to get the Cullen or Volturi backstories we want. Maybe an Alice backstory because her information in the guide was expanded so much, but we didn’t really learn much more about the Cullens in the guide than we did in the books (well, Esme, but that info had been available on the Lexicon for years by then). 

I think these will probably be a lot of fun for the people involved but they already said that the original actors aren’t likely to be in the short films, and they’re going to be released on Facebook, not in theatres, so it’s not like they’re going to be big movies, more like little featurettes. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much.  lol

I hope I’m wrong and they turn out to be portraits or back stories of major characters who didn’t get the screentime they deserved in the franchise but I sort of doubt it.  Ideally I’d love a Esme/Carlisle backstory, a how-Carlisle-became-a-vampire story, some Volturi history, some Romanian history. But I think we’re going to end up with some 20 minute movie about Maggie of the Irish coven or Twilight through Jessica Stanley’s eyes. I definitely feel like the focus will be on the minor female characters who were only developed in the Guide. 

foreignseahorse said: What do you think about the heights of the characters in Twilight? A lot of the vampires are described as being tall (Like 6foot + in the guide) which is completely unrealistic with their time of birth..?

Oh yeah, the heights of the male vampires are all out of whack. lol. I did the math once based on the data in the guide, and the average height of a male vampire is 6’1” (185 cm). 

Even just the Cullen guys are weird. Edward and Carlisle are the “shortest” at … 6’2”.  6’2” is considered tall even today (the average height for a man is about 5’10”—6’2” is 4 inches taller).  In the 1660s, in England, Carlisle would have been a friggin’ giant. Was it possible that someone could be 6’2” back then? Yes, of course.  Was it likely, given the average heights of the time and general poor nutrition? No, not really. The average in his time was probably around 5’7”, 5’8”.  At 6’2” he really would have stood out. 

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were unusually tall for their era, and it was noted.  ”Washington and Adams were nearly the same age, Washington, at forty-three, being just three years older.Powerfully built, he stood nearly a head taller than Adams- six feet four in his boots, taller than almost anyone of the day — and loomed over his short, plump wife.” He was said to be about 6’2” without his boots—the same height as Carlisle. Carlisle being tall would have made it harder for him to blend in and be unnoticed. Abraham Lincoln was bout 6’4” and considered freakishly tall in his time period. Jasper was born about 35 years after Lincoln and was 6’3”.  Emmett is 6’5”.  They are all unusually tall. 

You could try to justify it by vampires going after tall men because the bigger the human the more blood, so the more reward for the trouble.  Or they go after taller men because they would make more powerful newborns/protectors.  But it’s not true for females who tend to be much closer to average height at 5’5” (165 cm).  Some people suggest that the venom makes you reach your full genetic height (that is if Carlisle was shorter than he could have been because of poor diet in his childhood, the venom could correct it and make him taller) but that’s speculation, it’s not in the guide, and it didn’t seem to apply to other characters who are short (Alice, Charlotte, Maggie). 

At the end of the day I think SM just thinks that tall guys are sexier, so the male heroes are all tall.  The modern day actors for the parts were more realistic in terms of height.