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memphismariafire said: The only thing I disagree with about rewriting the series is Jacob and Leah having kids because Leah technically can't have kids. It's why she doesn't/can't imprint. Because the entire base of what we were meant to understand is that you're supposed to imprint with someone who can carry out the line.



Oh, well in my scenario Jacob and Leah both stopped phasing and started aging again, so her fertility came back.  Neither of them wanted a supernatural life, Bella did.  Leah was having periods before she phased, so I sort of think (hope?) that once she stopped phasing and started aging again, her cycle would go back to normal. Or perhaps they adopted? Neither one wanting their kids to have to deal with the wolf stuff?

This is one thing I have to call BS on. By virtue of SM’s own canon, male wolves and vampires would also be infertile.

The process by which reproductive happens is a combination of many factors. Most of which are controlled by hormonal processes in our bodies. If Leah is infertile because she phased and no longer ages and Rose is also unable to have children because she is “frozen” in time, then none of the males would be able to impregnate a female.

Females are born with all the oocytes that they could possibly use within their lifetime (plus several hundred thousand more). Each month one or both ovaries matures oocytes (they mature in an ongoing process, so there are several follicles in various stages of development); once an oocyte is fully mature, it is called an ovum and is released by the ovary to being its journey to down the fallopian tube. If a sperm cell reaches the ovum and is able to penetrate its tough exterior, then fertilization occurs. Fertilization is not the final test though and the newly fertilized zygote still has to implant within the uterine wall. If it doesn’t implant then it will be passed through the body along with the normal menses contents.

For males, they are not born with their reproductive cells. Instead, they are constantly producing them once they reach puberty. Spermatozoa cells are matured within the testicles and similar to oocytes, there are multiple cells within various stages of development inside the tubules. 

Both these processes are the result of the proper hormones being released at very specific times. If even one hormone is out of whack the process may not happen or the cells produced may be damaged/poorly functioning.

Being “frozen” as the vampires are would mean they no longer have any use for hormones to regulate their bodies. Hormones are what controls our metabolism, sleep/wake cycles, brain functions, growth, cell repair, etc. Too much or too little causes problems with the basic functioning of our bodies.

For males, one aspect that it particularly important is the temperature with the testicles. Spermatozoa have a very narrow range of temperatures in which viable cells are produced. Temperature control is achieved through the cremasteric reflex, which is where the testes will pull close to the body if the temperature is too low. If the temperature is too hot, this reflex relaxes and the testes instead hang lower.

Knowing this, it is improbable that the cooler temperature of a vampire would be conducive to producing spermatozoa and the high temperature of the wolf, would likely prevent spermatozoa from being produced or cause a low sperm count and/or abnormally shaped cells.

Several things are recommended for a low sperm count, these include wearing non-restrictive undergarments (boxers), not taking hot showers or sitting in hot tubs/steam rooms, and not having your laptop on your lap. Often these few things can improve a sperm count and bring numbers back up to normal counts.

Leah’s fertility (or lack thereof) is only noticed because a fertile woman has a menstrual cycle that provides clues to her fertility. The lack of a menstrual cycle can be due to hormonal conditions (PCOS, thyroid dysfunction) or related to excessive exercise/lack of body fat/impaired nutrition (this is why many anorexics will stop menstruating). Most men are not diagnosed with infertility until after they have been unable to impregnate their partner and testing reveals it.

Leah’s condition is likely temporary and once she stops phasing her fertility would be restored or at the very least she would be a good candidate for ART (artificial reproductive technologies).

So nope, I ship Leah and Jake and they have no issues having children when/if they want to.

Totally agree with all this. If the females are infertile because they are “frozen”/not aging, then the males should be too. SM in the book compares it to how an 80-year-old man can still have kids but an 80-year-old woman can’t, but it’s not the same thing at all. And the temperature issue is on point and not something I had thought of before, bravo!

Now I’m not saying that I have a problem with half-vampires in other stories necessarily, I’m just saying based on the way SM described HER particular vampires, it doesn’t seem possible. 

Plus it just will never make sense to me that male vampires retain the ability to pass on ‘genetic information’ if the females of their species can’t *do* anything with it. They can’t reproduce within their own species but they can with their intended prey? 

And Leah, urgh, why are all the supernatural women denied the ability to have children but *none* of the men are? Firmly believe that when she stops phasing she’ll be fine. 

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bellatrixswandarm said: I like to think Esme calms Jasper's demons so to speak. Like she was abused so she can understand to an extent how he would feel losing his humanity because she has experienced violence in a way the other's (besides Rosalie really haven't I guess so maybe it's more the three of them) and she would understand his struggle and slips, plus I would think her aura would be really welcoming to Jasper. She does love passionately after all!

molly-miranda said: This ask is just to say that i love your tumblr and to thank for all the patience and politeness in your answers, and sorry for any english errors(i'm still learning). And panlight is my favorite blog,so if you leave us i'll go to italy XD

Thank you, and you’re welcome, and I promise I have no intention of breaking up with Tumblr for its own good and leaving it in the woods.  ;)

tehedward said: What do you think each of the Cullen's like to do with each other? They're supposed to be a family, they choose to live with each other so I imagine they hang out with each other from time to time, some more often than others obviously. So I'm wondering what you think each family member likes to do when they hang out with another family member one on one? For example, Carlisle, what does he like to do when it's just him and Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, or Esme? Same with the others?

There was an ask specifically about Carlisle’s relationships with everyone here.  And one about Alice and Emmett here.  Jasper and Rosalie here

As for other relationships, it’s hard to say.  I mean so much of this is headcanon territory, we really don’t get to see the Cullens interacting with each other much because it’s so centered around Edward and Bella’s drama. 

I think Emmett and Jasper are bros and Jasper indulges Emmett’s fun, competitive side more than Edward does. Jasper makes bets and has wrestling matches with him when Edward won’t.  Emmett tries to get the others to play video games. And Emmett ropes everyone into playing sports, and Rosalie and Alice humor him even if they have to get messy. 

Alice and Rosalie used to be buddies and designed clothes together and went shopping but Bellagate kind of seemed to ruin that relationship. Maybe post-BD things will get back on track.  ROSALIE would love the make-overs and dress up stuff that Bella hates.  I honestly don’t see why Alice pushes it on Bella when she’d have a willing participant in Rose. Rosalie loves being the center of attention. 

I think Esme and Rosalie are close. Rosalie was annoyed with Edward and resented Carlisle at first, so it had to be Esme she bonded with, Esme who helped her through it (not that Carlisle didn’t try—Rosalie just wasn’t receptive). I think their relationship kind of skirts the mother/sister line. Sometimes Rose needs a motherly presence to comfort her and offer advice and sometimes she needs a big sister to gossip with and Esme provides both. I could see Esme like, brushing Rosalie’s hair in a soothing way.

Esme loves Rosalie unconditionally and is good at dealing with her moods, doesn’t take her outbursts personally.  Esme and Alice are the artistic ones, Esme is mostly in charge of the design and decoration of the Cullen homes but Alice helps and offers suggestions and feedback. 

I think Esme and Emmett cook. Just for fun. They do it for school bake sales or for the elderly neighbors or something. It reminds Emmett of spending time with his Ma in his human life. 

With Esme and Edward it’s the music.  She’s always encouraging him to play and listening attentively. Alice sometimes too, but mostly it’s an Edward/Esme thing. 

No idea how Esme and Jasper bond. There’s literally nothing to base it on in the books or movies. I still don’t really buy that Jasper would think of C/Es as his “parents” anyway.  Respect them, yes, love them even, sure, but he was a grown man with an adult life when he was turned. He wasn’t still living at home with his parents like the others. He doesn’t need a mommy and daddy, and he’s actually 50 years older than Esme, so her being his ‘mom’ is kind of ridiculous? More like mother-in-law. 


jeremyclavis said: About post/95377224871/how-do-you-think-that-edward-would-have-reacted-if , maybe Edward is demisexual? That means he does not feel sexual attraction for someone unless he has a strong emotional attachment to them and I feel like that fits with his character and relationship with Bella?

Could very well be.  I don’t think SM was thinking in terms of sexual identity, I think she was just thinking “he’s never loved anyone before because he’s destined for Bella!!” but as a more real world explanation, that’s a good suggestion. 

stupid-shits-and-giggles said: Hey there! I think you should write a one shot about what you mentioned at the end of your last ask/answer thing. I think it would be cool to see that scenario of Bella going back and seeing Charlie and Sue and whatnot. Just saying c: bye!

That’s a good idea—I’ll put that on my list of things to write! 


Did you see @peterfacinelli’s #tbt moment? I think Carlisle had a ‘moment’ with Esme.


Did you see @peterfacinelli’s #tbt moment? I think Carlisle had a ‘moment’ with Esme.

h0neyb1rd said: I like to think Jasper still has his uniform, but that would be nearly impossible, given his time with Maria. I think all of the Cullens somehow found at least one picture of them as a human (Alice obviously after their encounter with James), which they still keep somewhere.