What’s in a Name? Amun (Hidden One), Kebi (Honey), Benjamin (Son of the Right Hand) and Tia (Aunt/unknown)

Amun is interesting in that Amun (the god) was said to have no mother or father, and that he created himself.  Is this a hint that Amun might be the first of the vampires, with no creator?  We certainly don’t really know where he came from even in the guide.  It is also somewhat unusual that an ancient Egyptian would actually be named just ‘Amun.’  It was more common that they would have a name that honored Amun such as Tutankhamen (Living Image of Amun) or Amenhotep (Amun is Pleased). 

Tia is an ancient Egyptian name, but since Tia (the character) hails from a more modern time period (the 1800s) that’s simply coincidence.

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