Bella calls Esme instead of Rosalie


"Bella, are you all right?  How are you feeling?"

"You’ve heard, then?"

"Yes, of course." 

"I need your help."

"Anything, dear."

"Edward wants to kill my baby."

Esme chose her words carefully.  “Now, Bella, that’s not true.”

"Yes he does, he called it a thing, he—"

"Bella, if someone were putting Edward’s life in danger, wouldn’t you be scared?  Not thinking straight?  Willing to do anything to save him?"

Bella was silent for a moment.  “I can’t let him.  I need this child!  His child! Our child!  Esme, if you had been human when you and Carlisle got married, if you had been able to have his baby—”

The thought had occurred to Esme too, of course.  She had known Carlisle when she was human.  If he had stayed in Columbus, if they had gotten to know each other then, if they had married… Esme’s free hand fluttered to her stomach, and wondered what could have been.  But she realized, better than Bella, perhaps, that whatever Edward and Bella had created together would not be like the fragile infant she had held in her arms for only three short days.  It had only been a few weeks since the wedding, and the baby was already kicking… whatever it was was not entirely human, and was putting Bella’s life in great danger. 

"I understand, Bella.  But you need to talk to Edward about this."

"He won’t listen!"

"Have you even tried?"


"I will help you, Bella.  Of course I will.  But I cannot fight this battle for you.  You need to talk to Edward.  And if he still doesn’t listen, I will be there to meet you at the airport.  I will support your choice either way.”

"Edward said that Carlisle would—"

"Carlisle is under the impression that both Edward and you agreed on this … plan of action.  He would never do it against your will, do not worry about that."

"He’s coming back.  I have to go."

"Talk to him!" Esme urged.  "I will see you at the airport."

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