Edward is Not Impressed

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The first time Bella had showed him her thoughts, he had been enraptured. It was a moment of pure connection, of Bella finally letting down her guard and being totally vulnerable with him. He finally saw and understood her love for him in that one magic moment of intimacy.

But the more Bella began to show him her mind, the more distressed he became.

I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.

I never saw Edward’s point to be honest, what’s so great about mortality?

Virtual indestructibility was just one of the many perks I was looking forward to. The best parts about being a Cullen were not expensive cars and impressive credit cards.

Children in the abstract had never appealed to me. They seemed to be loud creatures, often dripping some form of goo.

Where were the lofty thoughts about morals and virtues and the betterment of mankind? Where were her dreams for the future, her goals, what she hoped to accomplish in this second life? Because her mind had been closed to him, Edward had imagined brilliant thoughts being hidden behind the veil. That Bella’s mind was a place of goodness and kindness and great intellectual curiosity.

He had the most beautiful soul, more beautiful than his brilliant mind or his incomparable face or his glorious body.

“That’s nice, love,” Edward said with a sigh, taking her hands away from his face.

“Don’t you want to see more of my thoughts?”

“Do you ever… do you ever think about things other than me?”

Bella blinked at him in surprise. “Why would I? No one has ever loved anyone else as much as—”

“Yes, yes, I know you love me,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “But surely there must be something going on in that mind of yours beyond your love for me and this bizarre pleasure you take in being a monster.”

“We’re not monsters, Edward. We’re—”

“Creatures out of a fairy tale, yes, I know.” He rolled his eyes.

“I thought you wanted me to be happy.”

“Of course I wanted you to be happy! I didn’t want you to end up bitter and resentful like Rosalie. But I didn’t… I didn’t expect you would enjoy this quite so much. I thought… I thought you becoming a vampire was a tremendous sacrifice you were making out of your love for me, not a ‘perk’ you were looking forward to.”


“I thought you were Mother Teresa and it turns out you’re just an infatuated teenage girl! I married Jessica Stanley!”

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