The Blood Issue (Fixed It For You)

"Yeah… no.  The Packs won’t allow it."

"Our guests have to eat, Jacob," Edward reasoned calmly.

"Then they can hunt animals like the rest of you blood-suckers!"

"That’s not as simple as it may seem, dog, it takes an incredible amount of control and discipline.”

"Bella does it and she’s been a vampire for all of five minutes.  Ness was practically born  yesterday and she can do it."

"Carlisle," Edward said with a sigh of relief as the elder vampires breezed through the front door.  "Reason with Jacob, please.  He is insisting that our guests should not be allowed to hunt."

"Of course they may hunt."

"Humans, Doc," Jacob clarified.

"What? Edward, did you tell the others—"

"We need them here!"

"Not at the expense of human lives."

"But we are in desperate need of their witness, Renesmee’s very life—"

"And what of the lives of other people’s children that will be forfeit because of our friends’ presence here?  No.  Absolutely not.  If they cannot abstain, they can leave.  If we are all going to die in a few weeks, we will not be taking several dozen innocent human lives with us."

"What’s the alternative then?  Animal blood?  You know they won’t…"

"That’s where I was, actually," Carlisle said, nodding in the direction of the garage.  "Through rather questionable back channels, I have managed to obtain quite a bit of expired or contaminated human blood products that would have otherwise been destroyed.  Come, help me bring it inside and offer it to our guests."

Emmett poked his head around the corner.  “Can I have some?”

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