One of the things I really loathe about the BDP2 battle scene, is that when Carlisle dies, Edward is the first people to start running, or I guess, to begin the battle. I hated this because Carlisle is ESME'S MATE, and as I know, they really x1000 love each other. I believe if it was real, Esme should have ran off, starting the battle, instead of Edward. To me, it would have made her seem 1000 more "in-love" with him, because we dont really see them too much because of the lackluster involvement

I get why they focused more on Edward/Bella (because they are the main characters and also because of Edward thanking Carlisle like two scenes before), but they should have at least shown Esme running with the rest.  You don’t see her, or Emmett and Rosalie (I don’t think?) in the inital run.  It’s Bella and Edward and the Romanians and Denali.  You see a shot of Rosalie later, but you don’t see Esme again until she’s about to fall in the pit of death. 

By all rights she should have helped E/B kill Aro, too.  Alice got her revenge, Tanya & Kate got theirs, but Esme didn’t get hers.  I’m personally not wild about revenge and don’t know that Esme would be either, but if we’re going to play with the vamps-go-batshit-when-their-mate-is-killed thing, Esme should have gotten to take SOMEONE important out. 

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