What do you think of the vampire-human hybrids?

A) They’re great! Pretty much all the pluses of being a vampire (beauty, intelligence, strength, youth, immortality) but you still get to eat food and sleep and blend in better. 

B) They’re sad.  Poor babies. :( They’ve never been human in the first pace and their lives are just as limited as the vampires’.   They have no real childhood, either.

C) They’re horrific.  The pregnancies, the births, the fact that these babies/children drink blood.  Kill ‘em with fire!!

D) They’re stupid.  They don’t make sense within the Twilight universe presented in the first three books.

E) They’re pointless.  Meh.  I didn’t care about them either way.

  1. realworldshipper answered: A
  2. the-innocent-she-wolf answered: B+D
  3. zanessagaily answered: B and E.
  4. down-in-dixie answered: B, C, D
  5. wartornwhitlock answered: E
  6. isolated-nomad answered: D and E
  7. thetruthbetween answered: B, C, D
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  9. justabeautifulunfolding answered: D & E
  10. 100tenmillion answered: I’m gonna have to cheat and go with A,B and a bit of C. Hybrids are a fascinating idea, and deserve a novel that explores the concept in dept
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    A) I think they’re great, they’ve got both the vampire advantages and the humans advantages. :)
  12. jenniferw1023 answered: A-B I’m not sure!
  13. jasperlicks answered: D & E
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