Waiting Room

Following his beheading and immolation at the hands of Edward and Bella, Aro found himself in what he knew from the memories of countless humans as a ‘waiting room.’

The walls were painted a dull sea-green, the floor was faded linoleum tile, and rows of uncomfortable chairs filled the space (along with a few end tables piled haphazardly with magazines). At the front of the room was a desk where a bored middle aged woman sat.

Aro noted that several of his departed dear ones already occupied many of the chairs. Demetri was there, drumming his fingers on his leg impatiently. Alec was comforting a clearly incensed Jane. Caius looked equally enraged, while Marcus sat with a serene smile on his face. It was only then that he noticed, sitting in a chair near the front desk, the figure of his dear friend whom he had murdered not a half hour ago.

“My, this is awkward,” Aro said.

Carlisle looked up for just a moment before turning his gaze back to his magazine.

“You were right after all, old friend. There IS some kind of Afterlife for us.” Aro looked around, his expression grim. “Is this … it?”

Carlisle sighed and set down his magazine. “No, this is merely processing. We move on from here. The Clearwater children have already made it through. There’s been a …delay for the rest of us.”

"St. Carlisle and his ilk have thrown a wrench into the well-oiled system, apparently," Demetri said with a roll of his eyes.  "THEY are why we are stuck here."

"Please be patient, Sir. We’ve never dealt with vegetarian vampires before," the woman at the desk explained.  "Irina caused enough of a problem, but Dr. Cullen here is nothing we’ve seen before," she said, frowning at the paperwork in front of her.  "And Mr. Whitlock’s decision to turn his life around should surely carry some weight…  We’ve had to re-evaluate our Judgement process for vampires.  We’ll have an answer for you all shortly.” 

Demetri huffed and the rest of the assembled vampires—vegetarian and otherwise—returned to waiting.

Aro cautiously sat next to his former friend.  “Are you very angry with me?”

"You killed me."

"Surely you would not let a little thing like murder get in the way of centuries of friendship!"

"I have nothing more to say to you."

Aro pouted, truly hurt.  He looked toward the entryway to see his killers, Edward and Bella, arrive. 

"Awkward indeed," he muttered. 

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