I'm not the biggest fan of breaking dawn, but I do like the movies and my favorite part (I'm watching part 2 on HBO right now) is when in Alice's vision that Aro sees his brother/friend/really not sure about the relationship there still LOL- is like "finally..." When they kill him LOL. Favorite fuckin part hands down

It’s pretty great.  Poor Marcus just wants out of his lonely, pointless vampire life so badly. 

I still kind of feel bad for the Romanians though, since they wanted to kill the Volturi more than anyone and they only got to take out the one who actually wanted to die.  Like in a way they were being NICE to Marcus. It was sort of a mercy killing, I mean that’s kind of a hollow victory, right? Although in my head, if the battle had been real, the Romanians would have told the story differently:

"He had the strength of 5 vampires."
"No, 10!"
"Yes, 10! And yet Stefan and I—"
"—we killed him.  Ripped off his arms and tore him in half—"
"-as he begged for his pathetic life!"

And everyone else is like, uh huh, yeah, riiiiiiight. 

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