Have you ever thought about in an alternate Twilight universe, in which the secondary characters like Bella's high school "friends" found about vampires and became vampires themselves? I don't know but I keep wondering what they would be like as vampires, probably less ridiculously teenage-y like in the books and movies. Like Mike for example how would that affect his personality lol you know? And do you know of any fanfics like this? Thanks.

Angela probably would have had a lot of angst about it, being the daughter of a minister.  Not as extreme as Carlisle’s (as far as I know, Rev Weber didn’t raise her to believe in witches and demons and monsters and actively hunt them like Pastor Cullen did with Carlisle), but if you believe that the ultimate reward is Heaven after you die, then becoming an immortal designed to kill is NOT going to seem like a fairy tale adventure. She’d gratefully adopt the veggie diet if turned by one of the Cullens, and if turned by someone else she’d be like Carmen and Eleazar and hope of someday finding a way not to kill people.

Mike I think it would depend on who turned him. He’s kind of a go with the flow kind of guy, I think. He wants to fit in and be popular, so he looks for cues from the people around him. If he were turned by one of the Cullens, I think he’d accept the animal diet to fit in, but likewise if James or Victoria or Laurent got him, he’d adapt to their way of life to fit in. I don’t think he’d ever be cruel about (like James) but more like Laurent or Siobhan or whoever—they kill, but they don’t kill cruelly and they don’t play with their food. However I do think, like Riley, he could be corrupted if someone really put the effort into crushing his spirit. Mike’s not a bad person but he’s not exceptionally good either, I don’t know if he’d have the willpower. 

Jessica is similar to Mike, I think.  Depends on who turns her and what vamp environment she’s raised in. 

NO idea about Ben/Eric, I don’t think we know them well enough. Lauren would probably be a piece of work, her natural nastiness being amplified. 

I can’t think of any fics that have all of them turned. I know there are some Edward/Angela and Jasper/Angela fics out there in which she ends up turned eventually. 

Favorite Carlisle/Esme fanfiction? And who do you think would be likely matches for Edward in the Twilight universe? (Sorry if you've answered this before!)

Favorite C/Es story is Stained Glass Soul by Mackenzie L. More C/Es fanfic thoughts/recs here. 

There’s another one though I can’t remember the title or who wrote it, but one snippet of dialogue has haunted me since I read it.  Esme and Carlisle are talking about their pasts and it comes up that in this fic, Carlisle was engaged in his human life.  Esme asks (I think?) if he loved his fiancee.  And Carlisle says something along the lines of: “I don’t remember. I hope I loved her.  And I hope she didn’t love me.”  And it just breaks my heart; of course he hopes that he was planning to marry someone he loved, but because of what happened, he hoped that she didn’t love him so that she didn’t have her heart broken when he disappeared/”died.” It’s so perfectly Carlisle. He didn’t want this girl he can’t even remember to have suffered because of him.

Does anyone know this fic?

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As for Edward… I don’t know. I mean Bella is supposed to be perfectly designed for him, although I think their vastly differing ideas of vampirism would be a problem in a real life relationship. 

I kind of like the idea of Edward/Tanya (canon!Tanya… not skanky fanfic Tanya) because she is so much older and wiser than him in so many ways and I think that could have been good for him.  She knows what it is like to have killed humans and what the vegetarian diet is like, she’d understand all his angst and ambivalence and guilt better than the Bella “Vampirism is a fairy tale” Swan we got in Breaking Dawn. 

Edward/Maggie (from the Irish coven) could be interesting. I think her ability to know lies would kind of appeal to him and could be something he could relate to with his mind-reading.  They both know things that maybe they shouldn’t or would rather not. Sometimes people want to believe the lie, and Maggie can’t. There are no little white lies with her. 

And Edward/Angela interests me.  I think her opinion of religion/God/vampirism would be more in line with Edward’s beliefs, being that she is a preacher’s kid. She probably would have the more old-fashioned sensibilities that might match Edward’s better. And she IS genuinely nice, which Edward even admits. A selfless soul to earn his awe? I think her choice to become a vampire or not to be with Edward would be more difficult than Bella’s was. 

A Matter of Faith

There’s a lot of criticism out there about the religious/Mormon themes in Twilight, but most of the characters are not portrayed as being especially religious. Other than Carlisle and Angela as preacher’s kids (Anglican and Lutheran respectively), there’s not a lot of religious context.  Edward believes in God, Heaven and Hell but beyond that his beliefs are pretty non-specific.

Do you think any of the other characters are religious?  Or maybe were religious in their humans lives? Do you see them as adhering to any particular faith? Do you think ancient vampires like the Volturi or Amun & Kebi are influenced by their ancient beliefs? Were Jasper, Esme, Rosalie etc religious in their human lives?  Edward and Carlisle only really address what the two of them believe, not what the others might.  Do you think there is ever any religious conflict among vampires, or is it all kind of moot since they are supposedly “immortal?”

Keeping Up With the Cullens - Episode 8, pt 4


How do you think the Twilight Saga would have went down with Angela? Like, full on book summary here.

I don’t think Angela is “born to be a vampire,” first and foremost.   Angela is integrated into her circle of friends, she’s the daughter of a pastor, and she has little brothers, right?  I think that’s canon that she had twin brothers?   So it would be much, much harder for her to leave that all behind, even for love.  I think she’d share a lot of Edward’s attitudes and beliefs about vampires and that would scare her.  I don’t think she’d be afraid of Edward hurting her, but she might be worried about her ~soul.

The first book would probably be pretty similar, except Angela’s relationships with everyone else would be more developed and I don’t think she’d just toss everyone aside for Edward. 

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What do you think of Bella's friends from school? We only really hear about Angela, which I think SM tried to portray her as Bella 2.0. But yeah what do you think of them all, especially Lauren, she was mentioned a few times but nothing massive was said about her, although SM implied she was a bitch??

I think Angela is who SM intended for Bella to be like.  I think in SM’s head Bella is just as kind and sweet and loving and good as Angela.  I don’t think the ‘show’ matches the ‘tell’ on this and I actually find Bella to be kind of shallow and selfish—which is FINE, flaws are good in a character—but it’s irritating that everyone reacts to her like she’s this selfless martyr when she’s really just as petty and shallow as the other girls.  I mean the minute she meets Eric she writes him off as a greasy-haired chess club type and ALL she talks about re: Edward is his beauty.  That’s an average teenage girl, not an extraordinarily nice and deep one.   I think Angela is the unusually nice girl that Bella was supposed to be, and SM doesn’t realize that to a lot of people, Bella just doesn’t come off that way because of her narration.

I think Jessica and Mike are perfectly average teenagers.   I don’t think Jessica is unusually catty or mean and I don’t think Mike is some kind of sick sexual deviant.  He’s a teenage boy with a crush.  He’s going to have sexual thoughts.  And the thing is: he NEVER acts on them, so what’s Edward’s problem?  Sure, Mike is annoyingly persistent, but he only ever asks Bella out.  He doesn’t follow her home or watch her sleep or dismantle her truck or kiss her against her will.  And he’s a good friend to her in New Moon and welcomes her back when he totally doesn’t have to.  Edward and Jacob’s behavior is far more problematic than anything Mike Newton does.   And Jessica?  Bella suspects Jess is only using her for popularity-by-proxy, but Bella uses Jess all the time too.  She obviously doesn’t like her much but she still goes with her to pick out dresses (really just wants to go to a bookstore and ditches Jess and Angela) and invites her to the movies (just to get Charlie off her back).  So, I mean, it goes both ways.  Pot, kettle.

Lauren is kind of a bitch in that she just hates Bella for no reason.  Rosalie and Leah have reasons; Lauren is just jealous of all the attention Bella the new girl is getting and the fact that Tyler likes her.  But again the fact that this teenage girl who is guilty of nothing but petty gossip is vilified and punished (that whole thing with the modeling scam has no baring on the plot but SM said she “had fun imaging this one”) but you’ve got vampires with substantial amounts of blood and death on their hands it’s just like, oh, it’s okay, they’re really good people!

And honestly?  Lauren and Jess being bitchy to Bella in New Moon after she hasn’t talked to them in months is more than fair.  Bella is all like, “Oh Jess has gone over to the Dark Side.”  Yeah, because you ignored her for months, then invited her to the movies out of the blue, then stood in the street like a complete crazy person and almost approached a strange group of men you thought might have been dangerous.  She has every right to not want to hang out with you anymore, Bella. 

I don’t really have any strong opinions about Eric or Ben, other than that movie!Eric (who is a combo of the two) drives me crazy.  As much as I am not a fan of Bella or Renesmee, it’s Eric who makes me want to tear my hair out in the movies.  I don’t know what it is, but that whole “La Push, baby, La Push” and just about everything that comes out of his mouth just grates on me. lol.

How do you think that Jessica (or even Angela) would have handled the events in Twilight and Breaking Dawn? Do you think that either of them would have accepted the Cullen's being vampires so easily (especially since Angela's dad is a pastor)? Do you think Jessica would have left Forks when James came? And do you think that she or Angela would have figured early into the pregnancy when she couldn't hold anything down that since the fetus is half vampire it would have needed blood?

I think Angela in Bella’s position would have been really interesting, and perhaps it the story I actually wanted to read.  The fact that she’s a pastor’s daughter would mean that she wouldn’t be able to dismiss the soul stuff as Bella did.  Bella’s not religious.  Bella doesn’t worry about this stuff.  But Angela, coming from a religious household, would probably hold a lot of the same opinions Edward did.  I honestly think they might be a hell of a lot more in synch on issues like sex, marriage, children, vampirism and honestly?  Angela is nicer than Bella.  Angela is the thoughtful, kind, shy girl that Edward thinks Bella is because he can’t read Bella’s thoughts.

I think Angela would, like Bella, be able to see that the Cullens are basically good people trying to do the best they can with their circumstances, and she could look past their vampire status and befriend them, sure.  But I think the issue of becoming a vampire herself, no matter how much she may love Edward, would be a much harder obstacle for Angela to overcome.  For Bella’s it’s kind of an adventure.  She wants to be Superman too, she says.  I really don’t think Angela would see it that way.  I mean, look at Carlisle, a pastor’s son, and how he still struggles with whether or not it was right to “doom” the others to this life.  He hopes they retain their souls and have a chance at Heaven, but even he says it’s a long-shot.

Jessica would probably handle it more like Bella.  It would be exciting and romantic and an adventure rather than this great sacrifice that might doom her immortal soul.  I think the Cullens’ beauty and wealth and whole lifestyle would have appealed to her, but she wouldn’t take Edward’s crap.  She’d tell him off for watching her sleep and she wouldn’t have opened the window in Eclipse after he disabled her car.  I don’t know that Edward would have ever fallen for her, though, unless like Bella he couldn’t read her mind.

re: the blood issue in BD, I don’t know.  The problem with that is that while it might seem like an obvious answer, it actually doesn’t make any medical sense.  Yes, a baby gets nutrition via the mother, but the baby doesn’t “eat” what mom eats.  The mother processes whatever food and the nutrients are passed to the baby via the mother’s blood through the placenta. Bella’s (human) body would not really be able to digest or gain nutrition from blood and so wouldn’t pass anything on to Renesmee.  So it makes sense to me, in a way, that Carlisle, Edward and Rosalie didn’t think of it.  Medically, it makes no sense.  It only makes sense in a sort of ~mystical, supernatural, magical~ way, as if blood has some magical property that is passed on (somehow).   Jessica might have sarcastically suggested it much in the same way Jacob did; I don’t know that Angela would have thought of it though.

If you could include the children of the moon (actual werewolves, none of this "oh, i'll shapeshift into a wolf whenever i feel like it" crap) into the series, how would you include them in it? What would their part in the story be?

That’s a good question.  They’d have to be involved from New Moon or Eclipse rather than the last 5 pages of Breaking Dawn.  I mean what on earth was the point of even including them, just the “well the Quileutes aren’t technically werewolves?”  Does anyone think the Volturi would actually care about the technicality?  They are creatures that can kill vampires—the Volturi would want to wipe them out no matter what. 

As for how they would get involved in the story, maybe it’s something that could have included the human kids.  Bella jokes how if Angela were a witch she could join the party too.  What is Angela were bitten by a Child of the Moon?  Or if Mike was?  At the end of the day the human characters are pointless and have no bearing on the plot, this could have helped with that maybe.