Hey! I was wondering if you had any thoughts about how the Cullen's human families reacted to their disappearances? Did the Hale's feel guilty about pushing Rosalie into a relationship (and their reactions to the subsequent murders)? What did the McCarty's make of the huge amount of cash appearing on their doorstep? Did Carlisle's dad freak out over the fact that his only son was probably turned into a monster? Did the Whitlock's think Jasper deserted or was ambushed? Were Alice and (1)

(2) Esme’s families even notified? I’m super curious to hear what you think!

Carlisle - I think his father HAD to have guessed what happened.  His son had gone out on a vampire hunt, at least two other men who had been with him were found dead, but his son’s body was never found. I’m sure he had to guess and I’m sure it haunted him until the day he died. To him it would have been a fate far worse than death.  Pastor Cullen’s views about vampires would have made Edward’s ideas about vampires/souls/the afterlife sound downright cheerful.

Jasper - He says in Eclipse: “We reached [Houston] after dark. I stayed only long enough to make sure the entire party was safely situated. As soon as that was done, I got myself a fresh horse, and I headed back to Galveston. There wasn’t time to rest. Just a mile outside the city, I found three women on foot.” These were Maria, Nettie and Lucy, of course.  So he disappeared between Houston and Galveston with no one else around, no trace of an ambush or skirmish, it must have looked like he deserted.  I like to think his family refused to believe that, though.  I mean this was their son who lied about his age to enlist early and rose quickly through the ranks, he wasn’t a coward who would desert. 

Esme - I like to think Carlisle contacted her family in his capacity as a doctor and told them about the baby and Esme’s ‘death’ (he wouldn’t have told them about the suicide, IMO, but probably said she died in childbirth or from the same infection that killed her baby). Presumably Carlisle had met them before, when he treated teenage Esme’s broke leg, so they wouldn’t have been strangers to him, he’d remember them and probably want to give them closure.

Alice - I doubt the asylum told her father and step-mother anything. The date of her admittance and the date of death on her tombstone were the same.  They were done with her and ‘buried’ her already.

Rosalie - I think she would have become pretty famous, honestly. People are fascinated by stories of pretty murdered girls (or pretty girls who disappear). The grisly deaths of the rich young men would have just added to the mystery. I don’t know if her family would have realized Royce was behind it, looking at it from their POV the only thing all the victims had in common was Royce—Royce’s fiancée, Royce’s friends, and then Royce himself.  It probably looked like someone was trying to hurt the Kings rather than the Hales. I like to think that maybe Vera figured out that something weird was going on—she was Rosalie’s best friend and maybe her knew her well enough to have picked up on the fact that Royce was a creep even if Rose couldn’t see it.

Emmett - Who knows what they must have thought about the money.  There’s no good explanation for that. By the grace of God? Answer to their prayers? I don’t know how they could connect it to Emmett’s disappearance though—I mean he vanished in the woods while hunting, that doesn’t really lead to piles of money.  Plus it doesn’t sound like Rosalie had time to stop and bury the bear’s carcass since she had to rush Emmett 100 miles to Carlisle. I’m sure his brothers went out looking for him and found the bear and all that blood and probably figured Emmett died. I like to think they have handed down stories to their grandkids about Emmett though and make him out to be a hero, each generation the story about how big the bear was and how much damage Emmett did to it before he died was embellished. “IT WAS 15 FEET TALL!”

What do you think each of the Cullen's favourite colours are? Music tastes, favourite books? It bugs me that we never found out much about them all, especially Esme, Emmett, and Jasper - in my opinion, it's the little things that bring characters off the page.

It’s really hard to say because we don’t get these kind of details for them.  And it’s part of why I don’t really believe that Bella is that close to the Cullens outside of Edward and Alice—since she is our narrator, we know what she knows, and she doesn’t seem to know this kind of stuff about these other characters. IDK, if I were dating a vampire and he had a family of other vampires all with these really varied histories I’d be SO CURIOUS about them!

Esme seems to favor light colors—whites and creams.  I associate her with purple because of the movies (likewise Carlisle and blue). She’s the one who decorates the house so it is presumably reflective of her tastes.  I think she’d like romance stories (not necessarily the supermarket paperbacks with shirtless men on them, but like, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Nicholas Sparks) and is less interested in nonfiction—I think she and Carlisle swap suggestions.  She tells him fiction he might like and he recommends nonfiction she might not otherwise read. Musically I think she’s probably more open-minded than Carlisle (it’s probably hard for modern music to top the performances he saw in Europe back in the 1700s), I could see her having a fondness for crooners like Sinatra and Michael Buble. Carlisle’s more into classical but becomes interested when music has stood the test of time—might not have been impressed with Elvis and the Beatles when they first appeared on the scene but appreciates them now.  He’s seen too many flashes in the pan to get invested in every new fad, but if it lasts he’ll look into it.

Popular consensus among fandom seems to be that green is Jasper’s color and that guess is as good as any. I think he’s more into nonfiction than fiction (the same with Carlisle) but I think it’s a little silly to assume it’s all Civil War books. I think his interests have to be broader than that. He studied philosophy in New Moon, maybe he’s interested in classical Greece and Rome.  Maybe he’s interested in Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War.’  As for music, no idea. Country western is probably too obvious/stereotypical?  Alice I see more into magazines than novels necessarily, and I associate her with yellow (because of the porsche). Musically I think she’s is pretty modern and along with Edward and Emmett helps introduce the Cullens to new styles and artists.  She’s probably the only one who likes pop.

I see Emmett as a warm color guy—oranges and reds and yellows.  Bright and in your face but cheery. Don’t think he’s much of a reader but he (and Alice and Edward) is probably the most up to date with modern music.  He listens to rap and r&b and stuff that some of the other Cullens might not ~appreciate.  He seems less “like you’re from a different time” than some of the others. Rosalie I associate with red because of her name and her passion. Like Alice, I think she likes magazines more than books but will read something if Esme suggests it. I think Rosalie got really into the angry girl rock in the 90s (like Alanis Morissette) but is less concerned with being up on the latest trends than Ed/Em/Alice. She likes Emmett’s music more than she will admit, though.

Favorites—but there’s a catch?

List your FIVE favorite Twilight characters.  The catch, though, is that you have to pick at least one wolf, at least one human and at least one vampire. The other two can be any species you like. 

I’m interested in seeing who the favorite vampires of the wolf fans are and who the favorite wolves of the vamp fans are.  And let’s give the humans some love while we’re at it. 

Any personal headcanons on Rosalie? I just really love her character, I wish every Cullen had their own book. 😁

I love Rosalie too and would have loved each of the Cullens having their own books.  I was always more interested in them than any of the E/B/J stuff. lol

I think one of her little brothers was named Edward, but they called him Teddy or something.  But this is part of the reason she has such a hard time with Edward Masen/Cullen but also part of the reason that despite their tense, often antagonistic relationship, she loves him like a brother. 

She doesn’t hate Carlisle. She is bitter and resentful sometimes, but deep down she doesn’t blame him—if she did, he would have been on her hit list along with Royce & co. Emmett changed things between them; before Emmett, she couldn’t understand why someone like Carlisle (who clearly has some issues with being a vampire himself) would turn someone else, but after Rosalie found Emmett dying and felt compelled to save him, she understood why Carlisle did it. Until E/B, Carlisle and Rosalie are the only two who have saved humans like that—she understands him on that level in a way the others don’t/can’t. The two aren’t particularly close and aren’t really friends, but they have a great deal of mutual respect.  She also loves to remind Edward that SHE is actually Carlisle’s best ‘student.’  She’s the only who has never killed out of thirst, just like Carlisle.  She knows it bugs Edward because he wants to be Carlisle’s golden boy. 

She and Jasper are close—she wouldn’t let him use the name “Hale” publicly if they weren’t, since her name/identity is everything to her.  They are both more pragmatic (and sometimes ruthlessly so) than the more ‘cuddly’ Cullens.  She doesn’t like him messing with her emotions, though, and he respects that. He doesn’t make her feel better when she’s in a bad mood with his gift—he’ll listen if she wants to talk it out though. 

Rosalie is hurt by how much Alice loves Bella.  She feels left out and like Alice is replacing her as her ‘sister.’ Edward says that Rosalie is jealous, and Rosalie admits she envies Bella, but she didn’t tell her how much it hurts to watch Alice twirl around and squee over Bella when it used to be Rosalie whom Alice shopped and planned parties with/for.

She loves Renesmee desperately and while she was relieved she wouldn’t die an old woman at 15, she was as somewhat upset when Nahuel revealed that she would stop aging and be immortal. Rosalie hates being ‘frozen, never moving forward’ and it breaks her heart that her niece will be stuck just like her. 

Twilight x Scrubs crossover.   Carla claimed she didn’t love playing mother hen to the rest of the group. .. they all know she loves it.  Esme plays a similar role to the Cullen “kids.”


We know that Rosalie and Edward play piano, and it was mentioned that Carlisle studied music in his early years before settling on medicine. What do you think he studied? Do you think any of the Cullens (besides Rose and Edward) play any musical instruments—which ones?  Any singers in the bunch?

Do you think any members of the Pack are musically inclined?

What's your headcanon on Cullen's human families?

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Who does Charlie like best?

Rank the Cullens in order of how much you think Charlie likes them, from the Cullen he likes/trusts/respects the most to the Cullen he likes the least. Obviously I’m not including Bella or Renesmee here, just the others.

Change of species?

If you had to make a Twilight character into a different mythological creature, who would it be and what would you change them to?  Would any of the vamps make a good wolf or one of the wolves be a good vamp? Any angels or fairies or sirens or mermaids in the mix? Zombies? Mummies oh hai Egyptian coven? Selkies, changelings, actual succubi and incubi? Ogre, goblin, witch or wizard?