Kids’ names?

I jokingly named Alice’s theoretical kids “Chanel” and “Versace” in an earlier ask today, but it got me wondering: What do you think the other Cullen couples would name their kids if they could have kids?

Would they go with something traditional from their original time periods? Go along with modern trends? Name them after someone else in their family/life? Would Carlisle pick Biblical names?  Alice pick names inspired by fashion?  Jasper chose to honor military heroes? Would any of them take Bella’s route and combine some names to make something unique?

If Carlisle/Esme, Rosalie/Emmett and Alice/Jasper could have children, what do you think they would name them? Either exact names or styles of names.

Vampire birthday?

Bella’s human birthday and vampire “birthday” just so happen to fall on the same day, Sept 13.  

Do you think any of the other Cullens celebrate their ‘vampire birthday?’ Do they consider it the start of their new, second life that led them to their soulmate and immortality? Or do they regard it is a bad memory (all that pain of the transformation, leaving their former life behind, trauma [dead baby/raped/the bear]) and don’t do anything special to acknowledge the date?  Do some celebrate it and others don’t?

From Cullen to Volturi?

Which Cullens do you think would fit in best with the Volturi? Not speaking strictly in terms of powers but even just generally. Could any of them be happy/content as a member of the guard?

Sad/tragic headcanons?

Bring unto me your most depressing, tragic, sad, pathetic headcanons.  The opposite of fluff.  What sad, traumatic event or what damaging relationship still haunts your favorite character(s)?

Pet causes?

What do you think the Twilight characters’ favorite causes or charities would be? Are Rose and Esme big supporters of domestic violence shelters? Carlisle wants health care reform? The Pack big on wolf conservation? Is environmentalism important to immortals?

What, if anything, do you think they do to support these causes?

Human relics?

Carlisle has his cross and Edward has some of his mother’s jewelry.  What relics, if any, do you imagine other vampires kept from their human lives?

How ‘human?’

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “very human-like” and 10 being “100% vampire” and 5 being a pretty even divide, grade the Cullens (including Bella and Renesmee) on how “human” they are/seem.  How much humanity have the held on to? How much vampire-ness have they embraced? How well do they pass as humans in the outside world? How do they view/treat humans? how do they view/treat other vampires?

okay this might be the last one

If the cullens didn't have to keep a low profile and could all get jobs and follow carrers, what do you think each one of them would do? (Including bella and excluding carlisle for obvious reasons haha)

Yeah Carlisle is obvious.  Doctor! He found a way to do what he wanted to do and a way to make it work despite being a vampire. 

The others, if keeping a low profile weren’t a requirement (I assume this also means the sun wouldn’t be considered an issue)? Are we discounting bloodlust too? 

Esme would teach little kids. I’m thinking elementary school. I just think she’s be so great with the little ones, really nurturing but not a pushover (she can manage the Cullen crew, she could handle a bunch of little humans).  I don’t think she dreams of being a famous architect or anything. She enjoys that but I think she sees it as more of a hobby, or an artistic expression. Her true calling, IMO, if working with kids. Maybe middle school, but I don’t think she’d have any interest in teaching high school: she’s got enough moody teenagers at home lol

Edward… I guess would be a concert pianist? Yes he has two medical degrees but I didn’t get the sense his heart is in it the way Carlisle’s is. Music is a true passion of his, so he’d do something with that. 

Rosalie would do something mechanical. Maybe something a little more advanced than just opening a garage, perhaps she’d get involved in research and development of new engines or something. She’s got some pretty advanced degrees in scientific fields and obviously a passion for the subject, so she could really bring something to the table. 

Emmett would be a professional athlete I suppose, football? It would be a huge scandal about whether or not a vampire should be allowed to play (I like to imagine if vampires went public there would end up being a Vampire Civil Rights movement at some point who would CONSTANTLY be trying to get the Cullens to be their poster people because they are the best examples of vamps playing nice with humans). Falling that, I could see him coaching like a little league sport of some kind, like 10-12 year olds. 

Alice would be in fashion design I guess.  Have her own fashion house and have shows on the runways of NYC and Paris and Milan. 

Jasper … I wonder if he would go back to the army? He just has that aura, there’s always something of a soldier in him, even in peace time. But again, you’ve got ethical issues using a vampire in warfare. Maybe he’d just have to have a more leadership or advisory-type role rather than being with the boots on the ground. Failing that, maybe writing books about the civil war, or giving guest lectures. He’s got the charisma factor and his travels could be coordinated with Alice’s. 

I guess Bella would teach? High school or college literature classes? At least that’s what SM said her plan was before all this vampire stuff happened. I don’t know if I can really see it though, Bella just doesn’t strike me as the teacher type? I could see her being an author and penning a hugely popular YA series based loosely on her life… 

No idea about Renesmee. Don’t know enough about her hobbies and interests.  Not medicine, I guess, since she was so bored with all Carlisle’s check-ups and research. 

What do you think that each cullens hates the most of being a vampire? I mean, edward goes on and on about how sad and tragic it is to be a vampire but if they were soo depressed they would have killed themselvs long ago. So it must not be so sad (+)

(+) but it also isn’t perfect. Only for bella. But let’s say that we could change the one thing that each cullen hates the most about vampirism and that would make it almost a perfect piece of forever for them, what would it be?

I think Carlisle hates hunting. He hates killing animals. I don’t know that he thinks it’s morally wrong, but his compassion makes it painful for him, he doesn’t like to cause suffering at all. If he didn’t have to drink blood at all I think he’d feel a lot better about it. I don’t think he likes having to temporarily surrender his humanity to hunt (and drinking human blood from the hospital is not an option because it drains a resource humans need and would undo his centuries worth of self-control).  Yes, it’s better than killing humans, but it’s still not a pleasant or fun experience for him. But… there are also the deeper religious/spiritual issues.  I don’t know how you’d fix that. A visit from an angel to tell him that his soul was still in a state of grace? lol. 

For Esme I think it’s about children, more specifically having children with Carlisle. She loves their “adopted” kids but it’s not the fact that they aren’t hers biologically. I’m sure Esme’s first choice would be to have biological children with Carlisle, but the issue here is that she didn’t get to raise her “children” herself. The Cullen kids were already adults when she adopted them. She didn’t get to hold them as babies and teach them to walk and how to talk and to read and watch them go off to the first day of school etc, and her human baby died before she could do that with him. THAT is what she is missing, not a biological link. If she could safely have or adopt a baby to raise with Carlisle I think she would be happy. 

Edward’s got even more spiritual angst about it than Carlisle does (which is frankly impressive given Carlisle’s upbringing… I guess it comes from Carlisle just being more optimistic than Edward), so IDK how we fix that. Also the guilt from his ~rebellion. So he needs the visit from an angel and we need to go back in time and keep him from ever leaving on his rebellion.  I’m still not convinced Renesmee is going to solve his issues, not when she is also immortal and drinks blood. I really don’t see how this proves he’s not a monster; if anything you’d think he’d have MORE angst about it, having passed his monstrosity on to his innocent child? 

I don’t think Rosalie could ever really be happy with it, to be honest. Even if she could have children with Emmett (I think with her it’s more important they would be biological than it is with Esme—she wants the whole experience. Esme had been pregnant once. She had the experience), she’d still resent being frozen, never moving forward. She’s stuck at 18 and can’t do anything with her life, she can’t be out in the world getting the kind of attention she wants.  Rosalie is someone who wants to be on the social scene, out in the world, going to parties and benefits and making a splash, and she’s stuck in an existence that requires her to keep a low profile all the time.  So. .. if she could be out in public (maybe if vampires weren’t a secret and were accepted in society?) and well-known AND could have bio kids with Emmett maybe she’d finally be happy? 

I think Emmett would be happier if Rosalie were happier, if he could give her babies and take her out on the town and show her off.  I don’t think he minds being a vampire, he just wishes he could make Rose happy. 

I don’t think Alice and Jasper really have any problems being vampires, TBH.  Alice doesn’t remember anything else and Jasper was “raised” so differently from the other Cullens that he doesn’t have the same hang-ups that they do, imo.  I think Alice would appreciate, like Rosalie, not having to hide.  Jasper would be happier without the thirst or at least better control of it. I don’t think he thinks the thirst is evil/bad (like Edward does) but he resents being ruled by it. If he could reach Carlisle’s level (basically immune to the scent of human blood), he’d be happy. 

Also I think all of them would appreciate not having to repeat high school anymore. haha.