Twilight x Scrubs crossover.   Carla claimed she didn’t love playing mother hen to the rest of the group. .. they all know she loves it.  Esme plays a similar role to the Cullen “kids.”


We know that Rosalie and Edward play piano, and it was mentioned that Carlisle studied music in his early years before settling on medicine. What do you think he studied? Do you think any of the Cullens (besides Rose and Edward) play any musical instruments—which ones?  Any singers in the bunch?

Do you think any members of the Pack are musically inclined?

What's your headcanon on Cullen's human families?

o hai I wrote a novel:

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Who does Charlie like best?

Rank the Cullens in order of how much you think Charlie likes them, from the Cullen he likes/trusts/respects the most to the Cullen he likes the least. Obviously I’m not including Bella or Renesmee here, just the others.

Change of species?

If you had to make a Twilight character into a different mythological creature, who would it be and what would you change them to?  Would any of the vamps make a good wolf or one of the wolves be a good vamp? Any angels or fairies or sirens or mermaids in the mix? Zombies? Mummies oh hai Egyptian coven? Selkies, changelings, actual succubi and incubi? Ogre, goblin, witch or wizard?


Do you think the Cullens who have superpowers (Edward, Alice, Jasper and Bella) would ever give them up/shut them off if they could?  Do you think the Cullens without powers wish they had one or feel inferior because they don’t have one?

Were there any vampires in the series who didn’t have a supernatural ability that you thought should have?

What’s the on thing you feel like fanfic gets “wrong” about your favorite character?  The one thing they seem to always be doing in fanfic that strikes you as OOC or just sort of drives you crazy?

Friendly reminder that in the Official Illustrated Guide, they are called the Cullen Coven, not the Olympic Coven.  JFYI. 

Edward talking about his family members in Midnight Sun.