Carlisle’s ideology is being threatened because Carlisle started this [family that] is anti-establishment. You have these vampires that are nomads, they are very animalistic, and Carlisle basically says: I’m not going to do that, I’m going to do my own thing over here.

I think he hopes that one day maybe this idea catches on and maybe one day you can have vampires and humans living together in harmony. And in this film if the Volturi wipe out his family that whole ideology is also completely wiped out.

Peter Facinelli on why this is not really just about protecting Renesmee.

Carlisle is Edward’s hero, and Edward wants to be like him.

[Edward] reveres Carlisle in an almost religious way […]

Carlisle plays the role of the father in the Cullen family, and Edward respects his opinions greatly, but Carlisle does not give Edward permission to do things. Edward is an adult with a century of wisdom under his belt. No one gives him permission to do anything.

SM’s comments on Edward and Carlisle’s relationship from Personal Correspondence on the Twilight Lexicon

Twilight X South Park crossover

Images relating to the deleted scene where Edward and Carlisle talk about the upcoming ~wedding night.  Not on any of the DVDs or anything, sadly. In the bts footage director Bill Condon is talking to them, something about how Carlisle mentally makes a joke or otherwise thinks something to lighten the mood. 

I didn't knew about what you said of carlisle's scarves in the first movies. Is that a personal theory of yours or did you take that from somewhere else?

I can’t find the exact quotes, but it was something like it was Peter’s idea to add the scarves, and it was partly about having a sort of old world dignity and partly because he thought it would be interesting if Carlisle were a little bit traumatized from how he was turned and so didn’t like having his neck exposed. If you look at the first couple movies, he’s almost wearing a scarf and even when he’s not he’s usually got some sort of high, popped-up collar instead (like in the kitchen scene).  

(Oh wait, found one: “I just felt like it added a little piece to his character. It wasn’t in the book but I thought it might be interesting that because he was bitten maybe he has a fear of having his neck exposed.”)

The scarves were sort of ‘laid to rest’ in Eclipse, again in a very intentional way that Peter talked about.  When the wolves show up to watch the Cullens’ fight training, you noticed Carlisle is holding his scarf when he speaks to them rather than wearing it. It was symbolic of him being vulnerable and exposed.  After that he didn’t really wear them anymore. 

I thought Rosalie’s gloves in the first movie might have had a similar story. If you notice she’s almost always wearing them. I kept trying to come up with a good explanation of them like… maybe Rosalie is sensitive about how cold her skin is and so wears gloves so anyone she touches won’t know? But it turns out it wasn’t a character thing, just a practical thing: during filming of the kitchen scene when she broke the bowl, Nikki cut her hand.  So she had to wear gloves for the rest of the shoot a) so she wouldn’t cut herself again and b) to hide the bandage. 

Night shoot at the police station BTS from Twilight Forever (I think?). 


Peter Facinelli on Carlisle Cullen and vampirism.


Peter Facinelli on Carlisle Cullen and vampirism.

Twilight x Simpsons crossover pt 2 - Carlisle’s upgraded from vegetarian to vegan.

I’m pretty sure this is what he sounds like to most other vampires.  Hell, even Emmett and Jasper are giving him some side-eye. 

What do you think about the actors who play Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) and Esme (Elizabeth Reaser)? I think they did it great. :)

I really liked them in the parts. 

I read the books before the movies, but I didn’t really have any clear visual images in my head of what any of the characters were supposed to look like. I had rough ideas but nothing specific. So I wasn’t really picky about who they got to play the parts.  Peter looks more like I imagined than Elizabeth does, if only because in the book Esme is described with a heart-shaped face and Elizabeth has a more square one but now they are pretty much what I see in my head when I think of the characters. 

Some people complained about them being “too old” but IDK it never bothered me. I think Peter especially has always looked very young for his age—and in fact in a lot of the more snarky/funny movie reviews there would jokes about that.  There was one about the first movie where they were like “if anything Dr. Cullen looks younger than his supposed offspring” and there was one in Eclipse that commented like “is he supposed to be Edward’s father or lab partner?”

But beyond all that, most of what they have said about their characters in interviews has really matched my personal headcanon, which honestly is the coolest part to me.  I LOVE that stuff.  I eat that up.  Because I was always more interested in the supporting characters than E/B anyway, so I LOVED to hear the other actors speak about their characters. Peter spoke a lot about Carlisle’s desire to hold on to humanity, how he doesn’t really want to be a vampire, and one of my favorites which was something like “Dr. Cullen feels like he is stronger than what he was forced to become.” Like, hell yeah, that’s why I love Carlisle!  Elizabeth never got quite as much press because her part was smaller (sadly!) but I always enjoyed her comments about Esme too and I like how she made sure that Esme was portrayed maybe a bit more forcefully than some people see her, especially in BD Pt 1.  She was no wilting flower!

(Michael Sheen talking about Aro is another one I love.  Honestly I would watch a full length movie of these people just talking about their characters and probably enjoy it more than the actual films lol) 

Lisa Carlisle the Vegetarian - Twilight x The Simpsons crossover