wedding reception 

wedding reception 

Do you ship Tanya with anyone (an existing person or someone made up-the aesthetics)? I feel kinda annoyed that a person who'd done nothing wrong, in my eyes, was left single at the end whereas every other vampire found their mate!

I don’t really actively ship her with anyone, and I’m fine with her staying single if that’s what SHE wants (maybe she’s just not into monogamy. Some humans aren’t, I’m sure some vampires aren’t, too), but it didn’t feel that way.  It DID kind of feel like she was being punished, like because she had dared to have a crush on and try to seduce Edward she can’t have someone else. But this all happened before Bella was born, so it’s not like she was infringing on Bella’s territory? She totally respected Edward’s relationship with Bella and Bella’s jealousy was unfounded (unlike Edward’s jealousy of Jacob… I mean really, Bella.  Seriously. lol). 

Of existing characters, I can’t really see her with a wolf or a Volturi (given their history), so that leaves like, Alistair or Randall. lol. Or a human I guess. It would be kind of hilarious if, sophisticated, mature Tanya fell in love with a human and just handled it 1000 times better than poor melodramatic Edward did. haha.  Like, no drama, no angst, just like: “we’re waiting until he’s 30 for me to turn him so he won’t be trapped as a young adult forever, but it’s all good, I mean I’ve been sleeping with human men for centuries and the thirst isn’t a problem, no big deal.” 

Who is your favourite Denali (as in one of the sisters)? Would you like to see their back story or what happens to them after BD?

Tanya’s my favorite.  I tend to prefer the characters without powers, so that eliminates Kate, and Irina we didn’t get to really know at all before she was killed so it was hard for me to connect with her. 

But I like Tanya. I like that she took over after her ‘mother’ was killed, that she’s the leader of this coven. I like that she developed a conscience and changed her lifestyle all on her own.  I like how she thinks of Carlisle as a peer and a friend as well as ‘extended family.’ I don’t think she was ever really ‘in love’ with Edward; it was just a lighthearted flirtation, nothing serious, and she NEVER interfered between him and Bella at all, so Bella’s jealousy is unfounded. I like that she is peaceful now, but doesn’t dwell on or angst over what she did in the past. 

I like Kate too, but I think she’s just a little bit overshadowed by her power, it’s all about Kate and her taser power.  Even her relationship with Garrett is defined by her power—him wanting the challenge of experiencing it, him holding her back and taking the shock.

I’d be more interested in Denali back story than anything post BD.  I just didn’t like BD, and when I spend most of my time forgetting it ever happened (to quote Bella: ”I do a good job of blocking painful, unnecessary things from my memory”) it means I don’t really care what happens next. lol

But the past? HELL YEAH. How long were they with their ‘mother’ before she was killed?  How long where they sleeping with (and killing) men before they ‘developed a conscience?’ When exactly did Eleazar and Carmen show up?  Was Eleazar’s past with the Volturi an issue considering the Denali girls’ history with them? 

Although to be honest I liked SM’s original version of the Denali story better. The idea of innocent Carlisle the former monster-hunter hanging out with three hyper sexual succubi cracks me up.  I mean look at how jealous Bella is of Tanya—imagine how Esme would feel if SM had stuck to her original idea of Carlisle meeting the three sisters “early on” rather than in the 1930s? XD

Caption this?

Caption this?

I know it's common knowledge that the Denali women loved men, inspired the succubus myth etc. but since Tanya is the only one without a mate, do you think she would be open to a relationship with a girl? If she found one that interested her, do you think she would turn her? I was just wondering

I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.  Sexuality is fluid, and the Denali sisters being such independent, adventurous, sex-positive ladies, I wouldn’t put it past them to be open to experimenting.  They probably have in the past, although if they really consider themselves sisters perhaps not with each other (then again. .. the Cullen ‘kids’ all consider themselves to have the same parents and yet have no problem sleeping together so who knows lol). If Tanya found herself having feelings for a woman I don’t think she’d feel weird about it and would definitely pursue it. Whether she would end up turning her, I don’t know. I don’t think the Denali have the angst about being vampires that some of the Cullens do, so if the prospective female partner wanted to be turned I think Tanya would do it, but I don’t think she’d force the issue.  She’s proven herself capable of having sexual relationships with humans after all, and I don’t think she’d force immortality on someone. It would have to be the human’s choice.

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”

Vampires without “special powers” appreciation post. Because you don’t need to see the future or read minds to be awesome

re: Denali names

SM says the Denali girls are from what is now Slovakia, but she also a) gave them Russian names (other than Kate) and b) mentions that Tanya has a slight Russian accent in MS. At the time the Denali girls were born, Slovakia was under the rule of the kingdom of Hungary, and the Slovak language more closely resembles Polish than Russian. But let’s talk about their names and the cool Russian style of nicknames. I like to think the sisters use these kind of nicknames for each other. 

IRINA is the Russian form of Irene, meaning ‘peace.’  Possible diminutives included Ira, Irochka, Irishka.  In Slovak it’s Irena, with diminutives like Irenka and Irchka. 

TANYA is not a full name—it’s the common first level diminutive of Tatiana. So likely Tanya’s ‘real’ name was/is Tatiana. Tanya is the nickname.  A further, more affectionate nickname might be something like Tanechka or Tanyushka. In Slovak, it might be Tana or Tanichka. 

KATE is obviously not a Russian/Slovak name, and neither is Katrina. That’s Dutch/German actually. I think SM was going for Ekaterina, which is the Russian form of Catherine. The first level nickname is generally Katya, and further diminutives might be Katyushka or Katenka. In Slovak, it’s Katerina, with nicknames like Katka, Kachka, Kachenka,

SASHA is a nickname of Alexandra/Aleksandra, which was probably her real name.  A more intimate nickname would be something like Sashenka. Sasha is also the Slovak nickname for Alexandra.

Male names have common nicknames too.  Sasha’s immortal child was named VASILII, his nickname would likely be Vasya, and further endearments would be Vaska, Vasenka, or Vasyok. In Slovak, it would have probably been more like Vasil. 

I love the account and just got done stocking it. Anyways I see you have a liking for Carlisle like me and I get frustrated with fan fictions written about him then never satisfy me, im picky, and sometimes I try to write my own but never get to finish it... but back to my original question do you know and good Carlisle fan fictions with a new person as Carlisle love interest... Thanks alot... And by chance have you written any?

I don’t really read any Carlisle/OC stuff, I’m kinda fascinated by Carlisle/Esme since we get so little in the books (we only find out they met when she was human in the Guide, never in the actual books!) so I tend to read C/Es stuff.  I can be really picky too though, I have a very clear perception of so many of these characters (but especially Carlisle) in my head that it doesn’t take much for a story to turn me off.  Everyone calling him “Dad” or “Daddy” is a big one.  Just no. Doesn’t happen in the books or movies. It’s grossly over-simplifying the Cullen family dynamic to reduce him to being ‘daddy,’ IMO. Snarly/violent/hissing Carlisle turns me off too. He’s one of the only ones who never behaves like that in the books—Rose and Edward and Alice might hiss and snarl and bare teeth in a frightening way—he doesn’t.  He’s been working on this “being human” thing a lot longer than the others and thus, IMO, is a lot better at it. Even Jacob admits how human Carlisle seems, more than the rest of them. I have zero interest in feral, snarly Carlisle unless it’s you know, flashback fic set when he was a newborn still trying to come to grips with everything. 

The closest thing I’ve written to a Carlisle-love-interest-that-isn’t-Esme is a one shot about him and Tanya.  Back before the guide came out, I assumed they had known each other for a long time (there’s a line in BD about “centuries of friendship”) but then the guide says they didn’t meet until the 1930s.  I went with SM’s original Denali outline which was that Carlisle met the three sisters “early on” when they were “just starting to look into the vegetarian thing.”  This is the first time Carlisle had met anyone else with golden eyes, let alone a WOMAN with golden eyes, so I imagined there was an attraction there even if ultimately their lifestyles were too different for it ever to have worked out. 

Flashbacks in the Twilight movies

I never caught the blonde stereotype thing so whoever that was good eye! And you too panlight! I didn't really see them as bitchy but badass lol (I actually obsessively I guess dyed my hair red before the Eclipse premiere in honor of Victoria) The blondes are actually most badass in the series- Jane is the Volturi cornerstone, Rosalie never tasted blood (among many other amazing things) Denalis are beautiful, gifted and learned to be VEGGIE's after being the other way!

Rosalie seriously does not get enough credit. 

Like everyone is so impressed with Edward’s self-control, and I’m not knocking it, she’s his singer that’s got to be hard.  Good job, Edward.  But he’s been a vampire for 85-90 years (depending if we’re using book timeline or movie timeline).  He’s had a lot of practice controlling himself by the time he meets Bella. 

But let’s think about what Rosalie did.  As a newborn, she killed seven people without spilling a drop of blood. That’s not exactly noble lol but it would take an incredible amount of control and focus to do that.  I mean she apparently tortured Royce slowly but again—never spilled any blood and didn’t give in and bite him.  As a newborn.  

Then less than two years later, she carried a bleeding 6’5” (so, you know LOTS of blood) man over 100 miles without giving into the thirst.  She was barely out of her newborn year!

There’s so much more to her than being a vain ‘bitch,’ like really.

And the Denali girls were a devoted family even BEFORE they switched to a more civilized diet.  Isn’t that supposed to be impossible?  They were human eaters when their mother died and they loved her and have mourned her for centuries.  They have loved each other as sisters for centuries.  And then (according to the Guide version), Tanya discovered the vegetarian way in much the same way Carlisle did (trying to go cold turkey/starving herself in the woods).  She never once interfered or tried to break up E/B’s forever love.  She’s not a bitch at all, actually! If anyone is, it’s probably Irina, but her would-be mate was killed by werewolves so you know it’s not like she doesn’t have her reasons.