Flashbacks in the Twilight movies

I never caught the blonde stereotype thing so whoever that was good eye! And you too panlight! I didn't really see them as bitchy but badass lol (I actually obsessively I guess dyed my hair red before the Eclipse premiere in honor of Victoria) The blondes are actually most badass in the series- Jane is the Volturi cornerstone, Rosalie never tasted blood (among many other amazing things) Denalis are beautiful, gifted and learned to be VEGGIE's after being the other way!

Rosalie seriously does not get enough credit. 

Like everyone is so impressed with Edward’s self-control, and I’m not knocking it, she’s his singer that’s got to be hard.  Good job, Edward.  But he’s been a vampire for 85-90 years (depending if we’re using book timeline or movie timeline).  He’s had a lot of practice controlling himself by the time he meets Bella. 

But let’s think about what Rosalie did.  As a newborn, she killed seven people without spilling a drop of blood. That’s not exactly noble lol but it would take an incredible amount of control and focus to do that.  I mean she apparently tortured Royce slowly but again—never spilled any blood and didn’t give in and bite him.  As a newborn.  

Then less than two years later, she carried a bleeding 6’5” (so, you know LOTS of blood) man over 100 miles without giving into the thirst.  She was barely out of her newborn year!

There’s so much more to her than being a vain ‘bitch,’ like really.

And the Denali girls were a devoted family even BEFORE they switched to a more civilized diet.  Isn’t that supposed to be impossible?  They were human eaters when their mother died and they loved her and have mourned her for centuries.  They have loved each other as sisters for centuries.  And then (according to the Guide version), Tanya discovered the vegetarian way in much the same way Carlisle did (trying to go cold turkey/starving herself in the woods).  She never once interfered or tried to break up E/B’s forever love.  She’s not a bitch at all, actually! If anyone is, it’s probably Irina, but her would-be mate was killed by werewolves so you know it’s not like she doesn’t have her reasons.  

I've never liked to read Tanya as the bitch in Twilight fanfiction, but I feel that the first one to give her hate was SM herself. It seems like she created her simply with the purpose to be hated and Bella be the poor girl who can't compete. I mean, what a coincidence Tanya is a beautiful blonde (just like Rose, the other "bitch" in the story), who's been known for seeking comfort in men (aka, "look, she's kind of a whore"). On top of that, Meyer seems to enjoy making her pay for ever landing

eyes on “precious, only meant for Bella” Edward. By the end of the story she’s lost a sister, and is the only one in her coven who hasn’t found her soul mate after a thousand years. The funny thing is it doesn’t even make sense Edward rejected her. She’s a beautiful, experienced woman, loyal to her and Edward’s family, and who taught herself to be a vegetarian. He should be fascinated by her like he is by Carlisle. I know we’re supposed to think “Oh, look, Edward has waited for his true love and Bella is so special to him he has no eyes even for this gorgeous woman”, but my first reaction is “Tanya could do so much better. Maybe Edward was gay before he met Bella” XD

I am so frustrated by how Tanya is portrayed in fic.  But yeah, I can see why people jumped to that conclusion.  I think that this “Tanya the skanky bitch who will do anything to get Edward” happened between Tanya being mentioned as the blonde bombshell who wanted him in Eclipse and us actually meeting her in Breaking Dawn.  She was perfectly nice in BD!  She didn’t put the moves on Edward at all and totally respected his bond with Bella.   In that year or so of waiting for BD, this fanon idea of Tanya was developed and sadly it has stuck, despite her actual canon depiction.

I feel so bad for her.  I mean I don’t actually have a problem with her being single in and of itself—it’s the fact that she lost her sister and the guy she had a crush on is with someone else AND she’s Forever Alone in a coven of couples.  Isn’t that what we were supposed to feel so bad for Edward about? 

I think she could have been awesome for Edward.  I really don’t see why they couldn’t have dated for awhile but never fell in forever vampire love.  Not everyone you date is going to end up being your soulmate, and I think she could have been good for him. She understands being a vampire, carrying around guilt for killing people, and the choices involved in the vegetarian way of life better than Bella ever could/will.

It is your own life, certainly, to spend as you choose.

It is your own life, certainly, to spend as you choose.

Keeping Up With the Cullens  - Episode 2, pt 4 - Denali

"This has been a really beautiful ceremony.  It’s been so great to meet the extended family… I guess none of the guy cousins could make it, or?? No? It’s just those blonde girls?  Seriously? Okay."  - more from Jessica’s toast, from the Cast Retrospective, Twilight Forever

Aro and Tanya from Twilight Forever bonus features

I like Tanya.  And she’s not a bitch out to steal Edward from Bella.  Besides, Esme and that one wedding guest seem to be keeping an eye on things just in case (see second pic…)

Denali Family Dynamics?

How do you see the structure of the Denali “family?”  Do you see Carmen and Eleazar as parental figures, or as brother/sister to Tanya, Kate and Irina? 

Who do you consider the leader?  The books say Tanya, but some of the promotion materials from the movie implied Eleazar was. 

Why does everyone write Tanya as such a bitch in fanfic?

I think it must come from the fandom making their own assumptions pre-BD.   We hear in Eclipse that she sort of had a thing for Edward, and everyone took that to mean she was crazy in love with him and would do anything to steal him from Bella!!!!!  How dare she!!! Bellward 5eva!!!!

But that was um, not the case at all.  She’s perfectly nice and gracious and kind to Bella in BD and honestly?  Her interest in Edward never seemed that serious.   She’s had dozens if not hundreds of lovers, Edward was just one of the men many she found attractive.  He’s different in that he resisted her, and so she continued as “lighthearted” pursuit of him.   We’re not talking obsessed stalker, we’re talking “I’m bored and I think you’re cute.”

I think the fandom kind of adopted Bella’s own insecurity about it.  I mean this stuff all happened waaaaay before Bella was on the scene but she’s all worked up about it anyway.  OMG she’s prettier than me oh and blonde, oh no.   And the audience who identifies with Bella kind of latched on to that and decided to make her a bitch?

It’s really not fair, though.  Tanya is perfectly nice in the book and movie.